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  1. McPissedOff!
  2. Breast implants save woman's life?
  3. Don't tick off the Goddess Kali.
  4. What sorta Award would this merit?
  5. Cyclists beware: inflamed bladders ahead.
  6. Jonbenet Ramsey
  7. More Justice For Those Without a Voice
  8. "Evil looking Hybrid Mutant" Found Dead
  9. So. Floyd Landis.
  10. Mmmmmm...chocolatey
  11. Vital AIDS defense for women.
  12. Airports to search facial expressions
  13. Kidney donor cries foul when recipient ditches Christianity
  14. Mannequin attack
  15. We've got cowe!
  16. Wear clean underwear.
  17. Man Trapped Waist-Deep in Chocolate
  18. Making condoms stylish for everyone
  19. Are you SURE you want that removed?!
  20. Oy you lot, shut up!!!!
  21. Know when to wear 'em, know when to bare 'em...
  22. Troops Long Out-Of-Uniform Sent to Iraq
  23. Germany warns of terrorist threat
  24. The Hobart Shakespeareans....
  25. 3 Officers, 1 Trooper Wounded in Texas
  26. Hitler themed eatery in India....
  27. military recruiters prey on potential enlistees
  28. Do they never learn?!?!?!?!
  29. Divorce..divorce...divorce......
  30. Strip and huh??
  31. *twitches, foams at mouth*
  32. For sale, one VERY careful owner.
  33. speaking of things not to do whilst naked...
  34. Raccoons from HELL.
  35. Marry me Whitney Houston...
  36. Aryan Mary-Kate 'n Ashley
  37. Oooops!!
  38. 5 year old drives in rush hour traffic
  39. Why do all the Stoopid People keep BREEDING???
  40. FINALLY!!.... I'm not the only one who thinks he's a bit off.
  41. Hitler's Cross
  42. Thats not mine, baby.
  43. Ummm....at least they wore their helmets?
  44. Sex teacher gets judge's OK for TV chat
  45. Another Darwin inductee
  46. taking the fun outta funeral!
  47. Ancient waterworks found in Israel....
  48. Stay back.......Im a terrorist and Im armed!!
  49. Hmmm.....conspiracy???
  50. Meow thats not funny meow, are you calling me a small furry animal meow??
  51. Back in the day.....
  52. Circumcision: HIV Vaccine?
  53. Yeah!!
  54. Hostage Escapes after 8 Years of Captivity
  55. Not paid enough for this sh**
  56. Reasons why...
  57. longest running experiments...
  58. woman faces fine/prison for aiding illegal immigrants
  59. Sometimes I wonder if they mean this, or just write it for the hubub...
  60. If you nurture it, it will grow...
  61. Time for a "change"
  62. Here we go again....
  63. Katherine Harris opens her mouth and...
  64. Are people really this stupid?!?!?!
  65. Political Idiots
  66. As if clowns aren't scary enough...
  67. Interesting take of Illegals and Democracy
  68. The devil made 'em do it! Yeeaaahhh.
  69. Gov. Arnold tosses School Moral Codes...
  70. Spare a thought for your gas mileage.
  71. Receding Texas Lake Reveals Old Skeleton
  72. Inmates shave heads to mop up oil spill
  73. Cell phones won't keep your secrets
  74. Dude! Wait til you see my date for prom!
  75. Witches Send Blessing to 'Wicker Man'
  76. You have got to be fu**ing kidding!!
  77. It's that time of year.......
  78. The Scream
  79. Pirates invade church..
  80. Fun with Fabric!
  81. FOLLOW UP TO: Witches Send Blessing to 'Wicker Man'
  82. Crikey! Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later...
  83. Tightlacers
  84. hospital introduces burka-style gown for Muslim patients
  85. Huzzah!
  86. Ah, good ol' necrophilia
  87. Blair will speak out today on quitting
  88. ICE your cell phone...
  89. More sick bastards in the world...
  90. And yall think necrophilia is strange....
  91. Obey the princess!
  92. Stem Cell Scientist Slams Senate
  93. DUI is NEVER Nothing!
  94. Whole new meaning to Booty Call...
  95. I am officially scared...
  96. Thats not mine, baby! Prt 2.
  97. Models flunk BMI test..
  98. Convict Caught in N.Y. Trooper Shooting
  99. Another woman dies from "back-alley" plastic surgery
  100. Don't threaten THIS woman...
  101. Ummmm well, at least it wasn't a seeing eye dog...?
  102. Pray...or we shoot.
  103. Private Funeral Held for Steve Irwin
  104. To Mark the Day...
  105. Steve Irwin footage
  106. 3 hours and 45 minutes that changed the United States
  107. How to Beat a woman...
  108. Don't hurt rays after Irwin death, officials say
  109. The dwarf planet formerly known as Pluto
  110. Maybe it was friends with one of the stingrays killed in Australia?
  111. Do comments like this make anyone else uncomfortable?
  112. Man on Jet Tries to Open Exit Door During Flight
  113. Hey Osama, she's bats**t and she's free!
  114. The loss of a true Wench, Ann Richards.
  115. Wiccan Sign Allowed on Soldier's Plaque
  116. Carryon Harry
  117. And you thought Guinness was just..well beer.
  118. Nationwide Manhunt
  119. Late, but still powerful
  120. A definite case of making lemonade.
  121. C'est le Guerre
  122. Good from Evil?...
  123. Pope's Remarks on Muslims Draw Outrage
  124. Allah or Jesus
  125. When I start teaching...
  126. UB313 (Xena) gets a new name..
  127. Step away from the crack pipe..
  128. A little miracle...
  129. WTF is wrong with people?!?!?!
  130. UPDATE TO: Don't threaten THIS woman...
  131. UPDATE: nationwide manhunt
  132. HOT Christian Sex!
  133. Yet another UPDATE: When I start teaching...
  134. I know Harry Potter is popular but...
  135. Editing my profile
  136. Euwwwww!
  137. Hey! you can't microwave that..
  138. To celebrate or no?
  139. Sept. 19th - International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
  140. Stick figure spelling.
  141. Hey Mary...DUCK!
  142. Anyone lose a frog???
  143. An Adoptee Finds Out Who She Is
  144. Thank goodness!
  145. Parents accused of kidnapping own daughter
  146. Has advanced medicine finally gone too far?
  147. WTF is wrong with people part. 2
  148. Aren't we better than this?
  149. Can't post
  150. Yikes...
  151. stuff like this always makes me sad
  152. NFL Player's dogs kill mini horse
  153. Arrested for DWP....
  154. Christians pray for Muslims
  155. Hmmmm...
  156. Here's your sign........asshat.
  157. Families cope with deployment.
  158. TSA Revises Ban on Liquids
  159. I just *HAD* to post this ONE!
  160. Mama Lisa?
  161. Ouch!
  162. Banned book week spotlights stupidity..
  163. Sex, lies and partying.....the new etiquiette from Debrett's
  164. Oh the screaming irony.
  165. Send a virtual message to a child with cancer and Nestle will donate...
  166. Airbags anyone??
  167. Its not mine!
  168. Amish Shooting
  169. Dirty Harry? Say it isn't so!!!
  170. Look out below
  171. Uptight people and books
  172. Unbelievable... the extremes people go to.
  173. Doh!!!
  174. When will this stop??...
  175. Amish Update
  176. Excuuuuse me?!?!?!
  177. Eeeeek!
  178. This really pisses me off
  179. Oy you lot, put a sock in it!!
  180. This just makes me physically ill...
  181. Does alcohol bring out your true feelings?
  182. Donating Bras for Breast Cancer!
  183. I have *got* to stop reading the news!!!
  184. CATS, CATS, and not the nice meow kind!
  185. Is it fair to name a child Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette?
  186. I've bombed and bombed.
  187. An African Souvenir...
  188. Hell's gettin awfully crowded...*sigh*......
  189. Death-row prisoner gets pregnant in solitary
  190. What Is There To Say To This?!?!?!?!
  191. First Snow Of 2006-2007 Season
  192. Students taught to fight back against armed intruders
  193. Woman "kidnaps" son four times for ransom
  194. Feds arrest fake-cop rapist suspect
  195. Dove Ad
  196. Heavy Snow Tips Planes
  197. Whose loot is it??
  198. They wouldn't be the same anyway...
  199. The Vikings are coming!...The Vikings are coming!!....oh..nevermind.
  200. Pardon my rant BUT
  201. Just get rid of recess all together.
  202. How stupid is your state??
  203. Social Worker Slain, Police Issue Alert for Baby
  204. 7 Plead Guilty in Stolen Body Parts Case
  205. No swimming in the pond, please.
  206. Are things getting worse?
  207. IMPORTANT: Breast Cancer Site
  208. Feds Net 125 in Nationwide Child Porn Sweep
  209. Love "A Christmas Story"? Visit Cleveland!
  210. World Series
  211. This is just DAMN FREAKY!
  212. You're going to vote November 7th, right?
  213. 'Cover Letters from Hell'
  214. Unleash the sex kitten??
  215. Necro-bestiality?
  216. About damned time.
  217. How the hell!?!?!?
  218. I LOVE Smear campaigns....
  219. There really is true 'Customer Service' left in this world
  220. Are we really just pieces of meat?
  221. South Park .. again (possible spoilers from this week's episode)
  222. ANNOYED! ANNOYED! and completely FED UP!
  223. Experts crack cancer 'gene codes'
  224. Animal Lovers...what if...
  225. A little too eerie for me...
  226. Squirrel Alert!!
  227. Ted Haggard
  228. Finally! Someone worth voting for!!!!
  229. I am sooo P.O.'d right now!
  230. Concealed weapon? Ummm.....
  231. Some Halloween articles
  232. Take that, Catharine MacKinnon!
  233. 'Dungeons & Dragons' player guilty but mentally ill in the murder of a co-worker
  234. Enraged
  235. Nice shirt....you bast**d.
  236. 12-Year-Old Girl Has Liposuction
  237. You are under arrest!..
  238. A Nice Site for saying Thanks
  239. stepping away
  240. This one's for you Nikki!
  241. A conservative commentator reacts to the election
  242. Election Discussion
  243. Rumsfeld is out.
  244. It's happened..
  245. Key Ballot Measures, results
  246. No more three blind mice?
  247. Thread/Chat issues....
  248. The people voted...so what? Judge doesn't care.
  249. Veteran's Day
  250. This makes my brain hurt.