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  1. They seemed like a "normal family"
  2. The passing of a gothly-wenchly icon
  3. Poor and Cold in the NE? Hugo Chavez wants to help!
  4. pizza hut-don't use credit cards....
  5. The smile is no longer a mystery!
  6. Presidential Choice Quiz
  7. Harvard's Woman of the Year?!?!
  8. Chinese Woman Sues Gov't
  9. Man charged with driving lawnmower drunk
  10. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to Columbus Day
  11. More employers offering pet insurance
  12. After 60 years apart, married couple reunite
  13. Animal Protection Laws.
  14. Huckabee: Amend Constitution to be in 'God's standards'
  15. Sorry, Joey... you ain't wanted here!
  16. That's not a bomb baby!
  17. 84 minutes?!?!? Are you f**king kidding me?!?!?
  18. Tom Cruise scares the shizzle out of me.
  19. Star Wars Guide to the Candidates
  20. Just...O.M.Gs
  21. *shudders* Not for kids
  22. What a country
  23. Democratic Super Delegates Explained
  24. Breaking News - Heath Ledger
  25. PhagsForPhelps
  26. Religion and Politics.
  27. Gotta Love Karma!
  28. Another Kitty saves the day!
  29. Note to self...
  30. Early morning fire kills one
  31. I knew it was coming, but....
  32. One way to get a message across.
  33. Artificial Life!!
  34. Say NO to violence.
  35. Wow...Mother sacrificed her life by refusing cancer treatment so her premature baby w
  36. "Pet" girl kicked off bus for wearing leash
  37. I know it's only January....
  38. Super Bowl...
  39. Asshat..
  40. Here's #3... are we done for now?
  41. Some Mexican women loose right to vote
  42. Tall offspring? No kid price for you!
  43. SAFELY dispose of cleaning products?
  44. Hidden Victims of Mortgage Crisis: Family Pets
  45. And then there were two: John Edwards dropping out.
  46. Brattleboro to vote on arresting Bush, Cheney
  47. Stephen Colbert, 1/23
  48. Tax Rebates earmarked for Illegal Residents
  49. Today's the day...
  50. I am speechless...............
  51. Everyone with blue eyes is related :)
  52. Thinspiration
  53. Is it just winter cabin fever....
  54. Just when I thought it couldn't get more brutal...
  55. No soup for you, fattie!
  56. Infant Seat Recall
  57. Nice house. But you're still a dick.
  58. Too fat. Move allong please...
  59. Goodbye to Hershey's ... sort of
  60. Wax on...Wax off
  61. This Day in Stupidity
  62. Sex Ed: the latest educational oxymoron
  63. Midwest/ South Tornadoes
  64. wow- kids these days....
  65. Sleep Apnea and Hyperactivity
  66. Muslim Wedding
  67. Girls Suspended for Sex shirts
  68. Romney just gave up
  69. Winning the war on drugs, yeah!
  70. Blush!? Not on my watch!
  71. I waited for an outcome before posting...
  72. Update on the Holloway case
  73. Ron Paul rules out 3rd party
  74. Personal Responsibility? What's that?
  75. Savings the felines of London Olympics
  76. Bride dies at own wedding
  77. Sadly, Roy Scheider dies at 75
  78. Amber alert
  79. So is it just me....
  80. Saudi Arabia Bans Red
  81. Facebook issues
  82. Obama, you have a Houston problem.
  83. A mythical creature in the Scottish Highlands
  84. Valentine's Day E-Card May Carry Storm Worm Virus
  85. Who's your Daddy?!?!
  86. S/M Dangers
  87. valentines- love your body
  88. Re: R/F.com...
  89. WTH? Shooting at Northern Illinois Univ.
  90. Pregnant woman accused of assault at bar
  91. Girls brag on TV about robbing a Girl Scout
  92. You only THOUGHT you were married.
  93. Here we go again...
  94. It's about time
  95. Help with karma
  96. Clinton/Obama Issues Comparison
  97. Do Women and Men Listen To Music Differently?
  98. Bomb, slaughter Danes
  99. Castro Retires
  100. In case you need reminding....
  101. "Skinny" drinks - offensive or not?
  102. To Insure Proper Service -TIPS
  103. Their 'Fair' Share.
  104. Wenches, most of us might be considered too SKINNY!
  105. Poor Puppy
  106. Unmarried Pregnant Teacher Loses Job.
  107. Two tough questions
  108. Bank Tellers steal 1.2 million
  109. Arrested for Flirting.
  110. Insurer sued for cancelling coverage
  111. We need more stories like this
  112. Cake or Death?
  113. WTF is Wrong with People?
  114. To Pretty For Southwest Air???
  115. Ebay changes...
  116. Idiot landlords
  117. Exxon Asks Court to Erase Valdez Fine
  118. Man puts abortion pills in unsuspecting lovers yogurt
  119. 2008 Presidential Election results leaked early!!!
  120. A sad day for Steeler fans
  121. Playboy Promo...*grrrrr*
  122. Kids and Pets- opinions?
  123. Vaccinations and autism debate - the government is starting to cave in...
  124. Crotch Grabbers
  125. "Recession Proof" foods now feeling the crunch...
  126. The Big "Break"
  127. Paris Hilton needs to be spayed.....
  128. Chicago now highest taxed city in the nation...
  129. Blogging's Good For Your Health
  130. Stalked...
  131. D&D Creator passes away
  132. Sick and Disgusting - You'll love it!
  133. Baby Beheaded in Public
  134. Airborne refunds money......
  135. Rare Identical Triplets
  136. new food recall
  137. Times Square explosion - Enough Already!
  138. Best.Comback.EVAR.
  139. Update on Michael Vick's former "pets"
  140. Another kitty imports itself to the USA
  141. Scottish Lock - long but worth it.
  142. Drugs in Drinking Water
  143. Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring
  144. Mama always told me not to look into the eye's of the sun...
  145. WTF??? Wait... Umm...
  146. But it's ok *after* the kids are 13????
  147. IPOD owners....
  148. Mom on trial
  149. Perversion of Justice?
  150. eBay contains a cross-site scripting vulnerability
  151. Woman Stuck to Toilet After Two Years
  152. I really hate to do this
  153. Don't normally like Glen Beck, but....
  154. The Health Police have struck again
  155. Tiny Iowa Town Rescinds $5 Cat Bounty
  156. Is that hair gel?
  157. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  158. Neat New Hybrid for California
  159. Arthur C. Clarke - RIP
  160. Viruses in Digital Frames and other add-ons!!!
  161. That Prius vs Hummer "report."
  162. Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead
  163. Warning to all Visa check card holders....
  164. Am I the inly one who sees something wrong here?!?
  165. Why Beer Can Be Good for You
  166. Global warming at an end.
  167. Question on perjury
  168. Floods '08: Safe and Dry
  169. EXCUSE ME.... this is a game?!?! WTF?
  170. So as not to jack Bux's thread.
  171. Plus Sized and Proud Of It
  172. Baby for sale -- craigslist post
  173. Wind turbins
  174. Follow Up: Texas boy was slain, not crushed
  175. Jiminy Crickets!!!
  176. Creative sentencing :)
  177. Parents Prayed for daughter instead of seeking medical help.
  178. Interesting and touching article
  179. Joygasm!
  180. Illinois lawmaker robbed of $7
  181. Wtf-3rd graders aimed to hurt teacher
  182. Brain injured Wal-Mart employee
  183. Revolutionary new car door design
  184. Hillary Clinton Fired For Lies, Unethical Behavior
  185. Burglar plays dead at funeral home
  186. Hillary Clinton is F**king Obama
  187. Water-drinking myths.
  188. Presidential Perceptions
  189. buying vodka
  190. Why we NEED Sex Education.
  191. Woman bites dog
  192. Google being sued over street view
  193. Late-night shows and politics.
  194. RIP Charlton Heston
  195. Aims
  196. Girl Beaten With Video Game Controller
  197. More airbrushing crap..
  198. Tolerance and Understanding
  199. She's a hottie, and she's a scrapper!
  200. Roseanne did what?!
  201. *sigh* another bunch of whack-a-doos!
  202. 8,000 year old trees
  203. Are they serious?
  204. Both horrific and amazing.
  205. Hey Ysobelle...?
  206. link to Library closed due to bad behavior
  207. Don't we have better things to complain about...
  208. Self-induced abortions for art project
  209. I am happy I committed a felony!
  210. Holy wow. I could look a cow in the eyes again!
  211. Silk Soy Milk Recall
  212. Happy stuff for a change.
  213. NY- enjoy while you can
  214. Matt Maupin (MIA) Is Finally Home
  215. Woman found alive - missing since 1984
  216. Jail doesn't feed enough food...
  217. Homework: Shave your eyebrows
  218. Web site of Bad Teachers
  219. Tonight is $.31 night at Baskin Robins
  220. Happy Anniversary!
  221. R2D2 DVD player
  222. What's wrong with these pictures?
  223. Eight Belles
  224. MEAT RECALL, Listeria Outbreak
  225. Need to vent about doctors
  226. Got a big ass? It may just be helpful
  227. Sex!!!!!!
  228. The Great Myths of Life
  229. Duggars in the news again
  230. Fantasies - NSFW
  231. "Family Values generally means not having more than one." :-)
  232. If you were stranded on a deserted island....
  233. Polar bear now listed as 'threatened' species
  234. survey- do you use the phonebook?
  235. Finally - a step in the right direction
  236. Obesity contributes to global warming:
  237. British Schools Drop Holocaust from Curriculum
  238. MySpace sexual assault suit dismissed
  239. Take Your Blood Pressure Meds for This One...
  240. Calling all teachers!
  241. I am the Arbiter of Morality
  242. Money discriminates against blind people
  243. Um...yay?
  244. Senator Kennedy.
  245. Go, Karma, go!
  247. Robert Asprin
  248. Japanese people are weird
  249. Girl, 12, told she can't play ball with boys
  250. California Ford dealership tells non-Christians to sit down and shut up