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  1. Closet Cleaning Redux....
  2. kids garb
  3. HodgePodge offerings for the week of 9 January 2005
  4. HodgePodge offerings for the week of January 16
  5. Ebay items.
  6. Moresca Max Bodice 4Sale on Ebay
  7. Tax free week in NY
  8. Necklaces
  9. ebay items starting at .01!
  10. Ebay Items!!
  11. Trim!!
  12. Eliabethan one-of-a-kind doll on ebay...plus a wench doll
  13. Wench Swap Anyone?
  14. so many trim auctions.. so little time!
  15. OFFER: Two (2) large dog crates - North Dallas, TX
  16. WANTED - Yarn/trims scraps
  17. OFFER - Intro to spinning stuff
  18. OFFER - Rambouillet Grease Fleece
  19. WANTED - 2-way stretch velvet
  20. WANTED - fur scraps
  21. Spanish Saya Gown and Burgundy Bodice on Ebay
  22. OFFER: partially made bloomers
  23. WANTED - cowrie shells
  24. Garb and QoW sketches on ebay
  25. new sets for the rit or wit in your life!
  26. OFFER: Free Sleeper Sofa DFW area
  27. for all you lovely wenches - Pure Romance!
  28. WANTED - Goddess Workout 3 DVD set
  29. New Embroidered Hat Bands!!
  30. garb, jewelry and mundane clothes
  31. TRIM and a flemish dress
  32. The Lament pirate ship jolly Roger stuff!!!!
  33. Brand New Thorny Rowe bodice for sale on EBAY
  34. The Body Shop at home
  35. for trade/sale
  36. offerings from HodgePodge Costume & Gift
  37. Auction ending in 12 hours!!!!! Bodice
  38. so much garb on ebay!!
  39. Trim for sale!
  40. My flemish, cloaks, and a jeweled girdle.. all on ebay
  41. Am wench, will travel!
  42. Maybe one of you might know where I can get these...
  43. Body shop at home stuff for sale
  44. WANTED - Serger
  45. Garb on Ebay...Including Pendragon Bodice!
  46. For Sale
  47. "Leather Rose, where art thou?"
  48. Desperately need help!
  49. For all the POTO fans
  50. Gorgeous Amber Pin for a lovely Wench
  51. Jeweled girdle (belt) and necklace set on ebay
  52. Utilikilt on eBay (cross-posted from Garb Goodies)
  53. HodgePodge has a web-address!
  54. Men's Garb on Ebay
  55. Fantastic Artist
  56. Amano Jewelry Now on E-Bay
  57. two tone bodice for sale
  58. Fringe Skirts, jewelry and bellydance stuff
  59. cross-post free patterns!
  60. Pendragon leather bodice, is there interest?
  61. Big discounts on Museum Replicas, United Cutlery stuff...
  62. Three bodices, a skirt and a pair of boots on e-bay
  63. My New E-bay Store (crossposted to Crafters Corner)
  64. selling a bunch of stuff...
  65. Favor holders/garb for sale
  66. Almost free to a good home...
  67. Pagan Magazines
  68. Leather goods
  69. Moresca Khajeja Bodice for Sale
  70. For sale: Children's Muffin Caps
  71. Birkenstock Comfort Slides
  72. WANTED!
  73. Concert Tickets
  74. Wanted: hostesses - 9, 9 3/4, 42 area *and* charity benefits
  75. Handcrafts for sale
  76. EBay listings and shameless self-promotion!
  77. More Listings Up on EBay!
  78. Red Leather & Steel Flame Bracers for sale
  79. New (non-wench) Endeavor
  80. Moresca bodice and some other stuff too...
  81. Fabric, Chemises and Two Bodices
  82. Ren Dress on ebay
  83. Doublet for sale!
  84. GreyCat Men's "Nottingham Doublet" for sale
  85. Wrap Pants/Stupid Pants
  86. two moresca dresses for sale
  87. Fairy Wings For Sale!
  88. Hat on Ebay & Other Misc items
  89. word of mouth
  90. "Tickle Me Floggers" for sale
  91. Moresca Max 2 Bodice & Tudor Skirt on eBay
  92. garb for sale
  93. Moresca Max 2 For Sale!
  94. bodice and chemise set for sale
  95. linen and trim for sale
  96. not faire related, but plus sized lingerie for sale
  97. Got Pets?
  98. 22 items for sale on e-bay!
  99. Matching Moresca Max 2, Tudor Skirt and custom headpiece
  100. Excalibur Leather Cavalier Hat
  101. Garb 4 Sale, Must Go!!!!!
  102. Moresca Max 2 Bodice on eBay
  103. Child gates/pens.
  104. Got big feet? I've got shoes for you!
  105. Auctions are ending today!!
  106. Norman tunics on ebay
  107. Need help setting up to sell
  108. A sad parting of the ways...
  109. trim to fund my new computer
  110. Producto ideas, crossposted to garb goodies as well.
  111. A eBay couple items you might be interested in...
  112. fabric and trim on ebay (and some garb too)!
  113. fabric and trim on ebay (and some garb too)!
  114. GreyCat Designs up on Ebay!
  115. Take this garb...PLEASE!!
  116. New items from GreyCat Designs!
  117. Grinning Griffin Velvet Beret for sale!
  118. Pendragon, Moresca, Museum Replicas and Minnetonka...
  119. Looking for a Bliaunt
  120. Garb and Non-Garb
  121. Wanted: Bellydance hip scarf
  122. trim for sale!! oh, and linen too!
  123. The spring steel boning has arrived!
  124. gloves for sale
  125. Fabric and trim for sale- New Year's Sale!
  126. Moresca Khadija Outfit, Cloak & Chainmail Belt on eBay
  127. Garb closet bursting at the seams...
  128. Seeking XS ...:)
  129. Bellydance hip scarves for sale or trade
  130. Armor grade leather bracers on eBay
  131. More Moresca on eBay
  132. Custom Cartoon Avatars
  133. OMG- SILK for sale (and other fabric too)
  134. shoes and boots!
  135. Three nudes on ebay.
  136. Fabric stacks taking over- it's all on sale and the shipping is free!
  137. Anyone want to by a car?
  138. Chocolate Making Equiptment
  139. More trim, more fabric.. more goodness
  140. Garb for sale.
  141. another Moresca on ebay, older one?
  142. garb for sale
  143. OMG, I <3 the UPS man- trim!
  144. OddBodkin Bodices for sale
  145. Pendragon Bodice for Sale & More
  146. It's not my favorite, but I thought I would point out the listing
  147. trim and fabric on ebay-again!
  148. Hats For Sale
  149. Fallen Angel Corset Bodice
  150. ebay clearance and boning on sale!!
  151. lg6100 camera phone - 6 months old
  152. Moresca Bodices on Ebay
  153. Moresca Dress on Ebay
  154. pendragon dragon bodice? on ebay
  155. trim and garb
  156. Royal pass for sale/Sarborough fair
  157. House Cleaning
  158. Linen, trim and garb
  159. placket belts, fabric, and trim
  160. New trim.. and garb!
  161. excalibur anyone?
  162. 2 tunics listed on ebay.. starting at .01 each!
  163. Lot of garb for sale $95- 6 pieces!
  164. Pendragon Doublet For Sale!
  165. Half price trim sale!!
  166. tree gnome mugs and a small vintage goblet
  167. fabric, trim and boning for sale
  168. fabric and trim for sale 6/4/-6/11- boning on the cheap!!
  169. 2 bodices, a surcote and a hat
  170. trim on sale- rasing some cash
  171. Not Faire Related--cute swing dress!
  172. Red Satin Dress-Not Faire Type
  173. More trim for sale- unearthed in a house cleaning fit!!
  174. leather corset for sale
  175. Black linen for sale! and a buncha Trim!
  176. Old Fashioned "Antique" Jewelry
  177. Pendragon outfit on EBay!
  178. moving sale- all trim discounted- final sale
  179. fabric, trim, celtic tapestries, so much has got to go!!
  180. Garb For Sale (Michigan): Fabric, Leather, Pewter
  181. lots of garb for sale...
  182. Furniture
  183. Girl's gypsy garb on E-bay
  184. selling trim for a friend
  185. pieces of brocade for sale- great for bodices!
  186. parasols!
  187. "Vintage" type jewelry on EBay
  188. I'm selling my private silk stash.... and garb
  189. Garb For Sale, Ebay and Website!
  190. fabric, trim and parasols are in!!!
  191. Not Faire Relataed... Beer Bottle Collection
  192. Not Faire Related... A Steel "Gears" Table
  193. Rocky Horror Costume Parts for Sale
  194. Not Faire related, Yet!!
  195. Green velour cotehardie for sale
  196. Last time... last chance...
  197. Plus size bodices
  198. 3 parasols left
  199. trimy trim trim!!
  200. Everyone's Stores
  201. Moresca Bodices for Sale or Trade - Possibly
  202. Pendragon: green plain XL bodice with picadilles
  203. Sellin' garb. XL, XXL
  204. Bangles, Spangles, Boots and Shoes on Ebay
  205. so much fabric, trim and other goodies
  206. Any tiki collectors among us?
  207. new trim- It totally rocks my socks!!
  208. Stuff for Sale - must pay medical bills!
  209. Casta Diva outfit for sale
  210. Leather Tricorn for sale
  211. Items for sale, Holly--Michigan, some weekends
  212. Items for sale, Holly--Michigan, some weekends
  213. new trim!
  214. Lot of trim for sle on ebay
  215. New stuff from GreyCat - it was a flurry of updating. :)
  216. Sofi's Stitches garb - Avon Jupon, German Gown, Robe du Soir
  217. garb for sale...
  218. Tunic and trim
  219. Website Update--Rose Pouches!
  220. garb for sale
  221. Scraps
  222. More stuff to sell!
  223. navy blue and black linen!!
  224. Found a Moresca bodice on Ebay...
  225. Narrower-ish trims for sale
  226. Drum
  227. Linen, trim and wool blends- discounted!
  228. Bodice needs new home
  229. sewing machine, never opened!
  230. Pirate Pottery!
  231. 1/2 price trim sale- this weekend only!
  232. Moresca Max for sale
  233. Free Fabric!
  234. Update!
  235. Moresca Max 2 For Sale
  236. 2 Moresca Icon Scroll Skirts For Sale
  237. tunics and trim
  238. $10 tunics and reduced price trim!
  239. Kilt for sale
  240. linen and trim
  241. Black A-line skirt
  242. LOTS and LOTS of ROMANCE NOVELS.....
  243. trim.. again
  244. Pirate lovers! This is for you! Argg
  245. Belly Dancing Finery!
  246. Anybody want to sell an old N64?
  247. trim 1/2 price 11/16-11/19
  248. Gauze- wonderful Gauze.....pretty pretty
  249. Dragon, Wolf, Fairy, pirate, ...etc. Lovers!
  250. Gear for Sale, gently used shirt, pottery, pants, fabric, leather gloves, pewter