View Full Version : Colorado Festival Relocating after 2006 season Possible

Adriana Rose
11-07-2005, 06:13 PM
I think they are increably stupid for doing this!


There are so many shop owners who have been there from the start and they might not move.

11-14-2005, 12:28 PM
Well I am sure they had a good reason for this, and I am sure that before anything is done, the vendors will be well informed and move with them.

Adriana Rose
11-18-2005, 02:14 AM
Ok I am aware that there are soo many issues that are behind this that I have no idea about. So I am just gonna say that I was just speaking an opinion about the way that the town is handling this situation I have no disrespect for the fair at all in fact I am sad that they are planning to move from the site that they are on at the moment. And I hope that every thing is going to turn out all right.

Sorry I should have said this in the original post.