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11-14-2005, 01:41 PM
Your Name : Justine Rodriguez

Why you want to be Madam of the Local : I believe that in a short 3 years, this Local has become one of the best organized and most positive of the Locals in the IWG. I would like to see the positive direction of this organization continue. We have a wealth of members and ideas, we just need to implement them and reap the rewards.

What goals you have for the Local: Amongst the Goals I have for the Local are:

1. Continue the positive direction that conversations with CRF have begun to reap. Continue ongoing conversations with the management of NCRF, so IWG members can have more of a role at NCRF.
2. Detail more information for beginning wenches. Things as simple as what to wear and as complex as how to get in touch with Madameís at other Faires.
3. Implement a rewards program that shows membership how much we do value each one of them.
4. Monthly ongoings, so members know each other out of Faire.
5. Outreach programs for wenches who may be pinned, and yet are not involved.
6. Assist the Local 96 Feast Mistress in making the Pig Pick and even bigger event.

Why I want to be Madame: I believe that this Local is headed in a direction that will shine a positive light on the IWG, as a whole. The talents and sheer energy of this Local shows that anything can be done, if we get enough members interested. I would like to see more members become involved, even if itís just in joining us at the Joyce.

Local 96 is already becoming synonymous with good wenchings, good Invasions and good wenches. I would like to see the walls between the IWG and NCRF fall and I think the Code of Conduct and the Wenching classes go a long way towards that. I would love the opportunity to lead this organization to the next level and see itís success continue.