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01-04-2006, 12:10 PM
Hi gang,

This is one of the locals that a usergroup leader and moderator are still needed for the forums.

Usergoup Leader:
A usergroup leader is NOT a moderator. Their role is simply to review and approve/deny/ignore requests to join a local usergroup on the forums. The only requirements to be a usergroup leader are:

1. Must be fairly active on the boards (so you can approve pending requests when people apply to join the usergroup)

2. Must be a member of the local

3. Must have SOME kind of clue who your local members are so you can decide whether or not to approve them

More than one person can be a usergroup leader, but ideally I'd like one - no more than two - to prevent disagreements and confusion.

A moderator takes care of banning, deleting problem threads/posts, and so on. They are the peacekeepers of the forums. Fortunately, we don't need their services very often, but I would like to make sure that each of the locals has at least one moderator for their individual forums so that IF any problems were to arise, I don't have to get stuck in the middle of them.

The same basic requirements apply for moderators as apply for usergroup leaders - and an added bonus would be a sense of fairness and diplomacy.

I do not care who you decide to nominate for these two positions - all I ask is that you leave me out of the process and just get back to me with a forum username for each role at some point in the reasonable future. Perhaps create a thread for nominations, and then a poll to vote.

Please do NOT carry on this discussion in this thread, as for some reason I am unable to unsubscribe from threads, and I don't want to be e-mailed for every post as you come to your final decisions.