View Full Version : Local 42 Livejournal Community

Mistara Caitin
03-07-2006, 11:39 AM
I've set up an LJ community for us to supplement the Yahoo Group.



The LJ community is supplemental to the Yahoo Group. This means that important information posted to the Yahoo Group (checking the rosters, voting in polls, and eventually election information) will be copied to the LJ community.

I did this because it has been expressed to me that some people do not use the Yahoo Group b/c they feel it is difficult to use, but that they would use a LJ community if there was one. It is all meant to encourage members to be more active in the Local.

There may be a few side conversations that are posted to the LJ community that are not put on the Yahoo Group, such as who will be at what faire or garb questions, but I have requested that all posts be kept wench-related. Anything MAJOR that is posted to LJ and not posted to the Yahoo Group, I will copy and post on the Yahoo Group. This would include any planned SnBs, any candidate speeches, Target Wenchings, etc. (again if those were posted to the LJ community and for some reason not posted on the Yahoo Group).

Having an LJ is not a requirement for any Local 42 member - of course to my knowledge, it is not required that they participate in the Yahoo Group either. This is merely another forum to get information to our members in hopes of having a more active and happy Local.