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04-21-2006, 12:23 AM
Platform for Candidacy for Madame, IWG Local 42, MDRF, Revel Grove

First, let me express my deep thanks and appreciation to be nominated for the position of Madame of Local 42. I offer the following for your consideration:

Responsibilities and roles of the Madame as I perceive it (not exhaustive): Administrator, advocate, ambassador, arbiter, cat shepherd, cheerleader, communicator, companion, conciliator, educator, facilitator, hostess, liaison, mediator, mentor, moderator, motivator, negotiator, scheduler, sounding board, visionary

My Leadership style is very accessible, appreciative, cordial, collegial, cooperative, creative, determined, enthusiastic, fair-minded, inclusive, innovative, participatory, and pro-active. ENTP for me on Myers-Briggs.

Accomplishments and participation thus far in Local 42:
- Traveled throughout Revel Grove discovering unaffiliated Wenches whom I then introduced to the IWG and the Local; also explained the Guild system to patrons

- Visited Local 42 members at Vendor locations to keep in touch during the season

- Created and implemented Emergency Contact Database when “wench down” was announced at closing of opening day a couple of years ago. Wench with one name was taken to the hospital; turned out to be another wench of a similar name which was only discovered after going to the hospital to determine status of Wench; revealed need for information during events – just in case

- Participated in wench brings, wench walks, target wench hits.

- First organizing committee of “Save the Boobies”; responsible for publicity and stew (!); worker at 2nd feast

- A moderator for the Yahoo! Group and wench.org Local 42 forum

- Wrote innovate introductions for New Wenches

Challenges Ahead for Local 42:
~(Re) Earn the trust, respect and admiration of the MDRF management, cast and vendors

~Strengthen cross communication between the Guilds and TeamWench at MDRF and with the various IWG Locals

~Negotiate an operating budget for Local 42 with The Scribe (technically we have no budget); or gain permission to fundraise for operating costs (e.g. web site, hosting, events, etc.)

~Accomplish viable web site for members

~Enhance relationship with hostel vendor

~Expand the leadership for Local 42, the current leadership structure is not adequate for the number or involvement of our members

~Create opportunities for Wenches to chair special events or themes, Invasions, Swaps

~Coordinate Wench rides and lodging for people to attend Faire and other events this season. Gas prices >will< continue to rise this summer and we need to enable and assist our sisters to attend faire. (Est in certain circles in the District will be $5/gal by mid-summer)

~Appoint the following (in addition to expanding the Leadership): liaison to MDRF; Membership Wench; Target Wench Coordinator and Co-Coordinator; Wench Walk Leader; and for lack of a better term a “Julie, the Cruise Director” to keep events fun and lively

~Continue publicizing Local 42’s Wench Guidelines for MDRF to our members and visiting IWG members

Programming for Local 42:
> Create long term plan to cover 2 year administration
> Support TeamWench’s efforts
> Hold All Hands Meeting June or July ’06 and Spring or early summer‘07 more if needed
> Create survey to assess expanded programming needs/desires and direction of membership and Local
> Identify and plan localized Stych and Bytches
> Conduct Pre-faire Wench 101 for newbies
> Expand welcoming aspects to Local (other candidates have touched on this)
> Schedule Meet & Greets throughout MDRF season w/ various Wench hosts
> Plan 2006 MDRF Invasion and publicize widely ASAP
> Develop presentation ‘Wenches of Many Flavors’ – to illustrate the diversity in attire of our members in a positive way (think “Dress for Excess” by the Kytsons done in a Wench style)
>Revitalize Wench Brings, Walks while staying aware of MDRF’s staging
>Invigorate Wench Swaps at faire
> Devise “Secret Wench” program (modeled on “Secret Santa”)
> Encourage revitalization of “kilted invasions” during the off-season

Comments: A Madame who takes on a responsibility of a Local has, I believe, an obligation to the Local to create opportunities for Wenches to take responsibility for events as a training ground for future leadership in the Local and the IWG in general. If a leader is not looking down the road at those who would be encouraged to develop their own talents and skills for leadership, a time will come for a change in leadership there will be no people capable available. A group built around one or two people doing everything will soon fail.

Although “faire isn’t brain surgery” it’s certainly a responsibility of the Madame to be aware of the Local member activity and either anticipate what might occur or immediately respond if so needed.

Faire Background: attended campus SCA events while in college. Attended MDRF since 1991, joined IWG in November 2000 (#1531), signed Charter for Local 42, season pass holder 6 years; MiRF; NCRF (volunteer 2001-2005); PARF; TNRF; VARF (photographer); Wicked Winter Faire ‘06

Education: worked 10 years before entering community college, transferred to state college. Earned associate’s, bachelors, and master’s degrees

Current professional background: Office Manager and bookkeeper (into 6th year) for non-profit in Dupont Circle, Washington DC; AFSCME labor union shop steward for 14 regional offices (incl. Canada); labor union contract negotiation team

Other relevant background (note events were pre-computer or internet):
1976-83 Served in convention “control centers” to run events
1978-80 various classes in Chicago in Improvisation Theater
1981 Hotel co-chief for 750 performers for 1 week (event was 30,000 people from across 57 countries); compiled manifests for chartered planes, trains, busses
1983-85 Reelected student body Pres Wright Community College, Chgo IL,
1984-90 IL Board of Higher Ed Student Advisory Committee - Exec committee, Chair 88-90 (represented all post-secondary students in IL)
1985-90 Stud Govt – led lobbying efforts for student financial aid on state and national basis, ran voter registration and voter education drives; fought tuition increases creatively
87-90 Urbana IL Zoning Appeals Board (mayoral appointment)
88-90 Student body VP (and grad student) for 35,000 student campus
86-87 Internship to run internship program; ran program until 90
90-95 Fairfax County Judge of Election
90-95 Non profit Education group – placed 600 interns in 5.5 years for 35 hr/week internships covering many topical areas, incl. foreign policy, human and women’s rights
90-05 Served on local alumni board; last 6 years as officer

Personal: 51, Capricorn, living in Columbia MD w/ wonderful guy (who works at MDRF) and two mischievous kitties and more books than I can keep shelved

Whatever the outcome of the election, I offer my skills and talents for the benefit of Local 42. Thank you for taking the time to read this platform.

Lynda McCann
Vyxen the Yuletyde Wench
IWG # 1531 Local 42