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05-16-2006, 09:52 PM
As many of you have seen and watched on the wench board, over the last
couple of weekends, several activities took place with various people
involved. If there are any questions - please contact me at
[email protected]


Announcement fro Madame Kae 5-16-06

Due to the concerns that have arisen over the last few weekends at
faire, I am instigating several changes in the local that have been
approved by the elected and appointed council of Local 13. So that
there are no more misunderstanding, miscommunications or general "she
said - she said" this new rule will go into affect to protect everyone

As a local we have worked extremely hard to improve our reputation and
our standing at the area Faires. I will not see all the hard work
thrown out the window because of misunderstandings and
miscommunications. As adults, we have to maintain responsibility for
our individual actions regardless of outside influences.

Therefore, as of today

1. All official wenchings - meaning any wenching that occurs with
the IWG name attached -

a. must be approved by one of the following:

Local Madame,

Lieutenant Madame

Vice Madame

b. Must be attended by one of the previous people mentioned

This ensures

1. We follow the rules of the Little Brown Book

a. These rules were covered in our Wench Class

2. We do not get in trouble as a group

3. All responsibility falls on the person in charge

2. If you have a problem - whether you see something or you hear

a. Contact one of the previous people

3. If you see or hear something you are uncomfortable with

a. Follow basic comfort guidelines
b. Check to see if others are about

Verify that it is not just you uncomfortable

Verify that there are no patrons or children about

c. Communicate with the highest ranking member present

Remember; If you see something you believe is wrong or being handled
badly and walk away because you are not comfortable with the situation

1. You also hold some blame and guilt for what occurs later

4. Finally, Remember

a. we are all part of the guild
b. Regardless of our differences, we all belong here
c. Therefore, communication will help everyone out

5. There is no reason to name call or point fingers

As the current highest ranking member in our local, I will make the
apologies and amends that are necessary. The "bad" press has not come
down on individuals but on our reputation as a Local. I am responsible
for that.

I would like to say Huzzah to those who stepped up and began early
damage control. And now that everything is taken care of - let our fun
and frolic commence again.

Sincerely, Kae

Lady Sarah
05-17-2006, 11:32 AM
Thread moved to "Official Business" as it technically is business and not just gabbing.