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06-01-2006, 01:21 PM
I just started Turbo Jam about 2 weeks ago. The beginning of each workout tells you to log onto www.wowy.com to track your fitness. I checked it out, thought it was a little clumsy at first but gave it a try.

The website is awesome! I love it now. And you don't need to be using TurboJam to use the website either. If you are using the videos (turbo jam, Yoga Booty Ballet and a few others) it will schedule workouts for you. Otherwise you can schedule in what you want, like walking for 20, 30, or 40 minutes. If you schedule a workout you can pick a "success buddy" who will log on before their workout and WorkOutWithYou (WOWY). Sort of a way to have an accountability partner.
It also has a place to rate how well you ate for the day 1-5 and gives you a monthly average.
Theres a place to enter in your starting weight and measurements so that you can see on a graph how much you're improving as you enter in updates.
It also has a diary to record how you're feeling about your diet and exercise.
Oh, and they have a cooldown chatroom, which is a nice motivator after working out at home to hop in there and congratulate other people for completing their workouts and get a pat on the back for finishing yours.
I figure there are bound to be other wenches working out at home who may appreciate the extra support found on this website. I like logging in before my workouts to post a message and see that others are working out too.

The main website with all the above stuff is free, the forums are also free. They have some other sort of beachbody diet thingy that I'm not doing cuz that part costs money, but as for this website they don't have much for advertisements to get in the way either.

Wow have I rambled or what? lol I'm done now. Go check it out, or ask me questions. See you all later *waves*

06-01-2006, 03:31 PM
I am on WOWY, and I do Turbo Jam and YBB!
It is a great place to go get motivation and support.
Today is the day I start the Turbo Jam workout program
they have..

I Need a Sucess Buddy!

See you over there!