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06-07-2006, 09:15 PM
Hello all! I've been away for a bit and now I'm back with a vengence. (kinda, sorta *giggle*) And, questions - I have questions. But first... I was originally in NY and the Sterling NY Ren Faire as a playtron. From there I moved to MD and went to the MDRF - not nearly as often as I would have liked, but I digress. I have recently moved to Jackson, MO. My goal in life is to do *something*, *anything* in some official capacity at ren faire. I love being a playtron, but I want *IN* as it were. Does that make any sense? I don't have any real artistic talents - I can crochet, but I don't think that would be usable at ren. Wasn't crochet as we know it "invented" later? Anyhoo. I'm trying my hand at paper making and book binding so something may eventually come from that, but I want to be involved so very much. When I "played" at Sterling (not Sterling Forest - Sterling by Oswego) I so enjoyed helping "new" people. I stayed in character and while I was very careful to not step on any of the professionals toes, I also realized some of the people there had no idea who was an actual player and whom was a playtron. It was a very family oriented place and I was careful not to be to, um, shall we say "loud" around the young ones.

I have a sketchy idea of my character. She's a little bit silly. I believe her mother married quite well, (she being a bit gypsyish), couldn't quite take the boring life and ran off with someone or other. I was turned over to my loving, but stuffy grandfather. He indulged me in pretty much anything I wanted because he had essentially lost his only daughter. Now, I love rocks, crystals etc. and isn't it nice that my character does too?! Quite a coincidence, huh? But she kind of treats them like children. As though they are living (and I do believe they live). While I was at Sterling if I happened upon a family and the kids were a bit cranky, whatever (WITH THE PARENTS PERMISSION) I would distract the young one with a sparkly stone. Or a not so sparkly stone. Kids love 'em, sparkly or not. I'd also give a favor to a wee one trying his hand (or arm) at the test of strength. (The dad's liked it too.) I kinda/sorta became a (very) little known as the stone lady.

Since that time I have met (and will soon [hopefully] marry an absolutley, amazingly sexy, sweet, kind, strong Scots man. He also loves the fairs. Any ideas on how to work me and him? I'm kinda thinking my grandfather gives us permission/blessing because he knows I'll go anyway. BUT my biggest question is: WHAT IS MY NAME???!!!! My mother's middle name (in real life) is Gale, yes, Gale as in the storm, not Gail. Also, my grandmothers maiden name is, for real, in real life, get ready: Looney. I'd like an authentic type of name. I'd love Abigale - was that in use then? I've looked it up and can't really find it. Another possible name is Molly. My (real) mother wanted to name me Molly.

Also, how do I change my affilition? When I became a member of IWG is was in Maryland, now I'm in Missouri. If, after I find a character name can I change from Sionna? I can't find much info on the Heartland chapter here. Can someone point me in the right direction? And PLEASE forgive me if I've missed it. I'm all excited again! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

If there are any "official" workers at Ren Fairs/Fests can you let me know how you got started?

Anyhoo. Sorry for this long post. I hope I've not bored everyone to tears yet. THANK YOU ALL!!!