View Full Version : Fantastic, Fabulouas Fling!!!

Cerulean Fire
06-26-2006, 12:44 AM
Hello to all of you.
I had a fantastic day Saturday!!
Our Madem seemed to have a very busy day... good for her!! woo hoo!
I was able to stop in and see Yosebel and have ordered a corestt froim her... a tight lacing one... ( rubbs hands together in glee... hehe) What was perfet was that she had a silk that is the exact shade of my eyes( when they are greay) ... Storm grey, its called I think she said.
I was hopeing to get to see my favorite Rouges and didn't go unsatisfied in that department...I got to spend the day having my... ego... stroked... and stroking back... egos that is... hehe. If would were to say that I have had better days, it would be a lie. Saturday was the best day at faire, (and thanks to Richard and Rodger really quite possably ever) I have had the pleasure of havnig...
We went Whisky tasting, beer tasting, wine tasting, whisky tasting, whisky tasting,... hehe whisky tasting whoo! there were corgials and cherry bombs, and MEN IN KILTS... need I say more... every good Scotts womans dream. Great looking Men in easy access ...uh... I mean ... traditional garb. (blushes cause she was so in the flash zone for aquite a few spins... hehe)
The best part of the day was being found by Richard and being taken back to the Pub were Rodger was waiting with some virgins ( hehe no not that kind...) (okok so that wasn't the best part, it was the begining...) They treated me like the Royality I am ( no really the blood is blue... not just the name, ask and I will explain) And made sure I had every part of my, uh, ego stroked... and boy oh boy did they do a superfluous job of it!!! I have never had such a wonderful day...
Ok, all fun and joking aside... I had a great Day! I got to hang out with some really great friends and make some new ones.

Miracle Wench
06-27-2006, 01:28 AM
Man I so wish I would ahve been able to go. Sounds like you had a great time. darn it all and I missed it. But could not be helped going through personal things. If you want to know ask other wise by next year I will be single. LMAO I sure hope to see some great pictures
take care and so missed you guys.