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06-27-2006, 11:39 AM
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Say Hello to your new Local 42 Team!

Dame of the Hostel: La'Cin

Need a break from Faire? A quiet corner to cool off? A warm hug and an ice pack? La'Cin's your Wench! You can always repay her kindness with bags of ice and a bouquet of fresh flowers. Thanks to La'Cin, our hostel will be located, once again, at the Earthenware booth, located on Stub Toe Lane. Please make it a point to stop by, say hello, sign the guest book, and see what's happening Wench-wise ;) at Faire that day!

Arbitors: Shelley and Dawntreader

This position is a very serious one, and as such, we know that Shelley and Judy will not take their responsibilities lightly. Should there be a dispute between Wenches, either in person, or on one of our Local 42 forums, Shel and Judy will step in and attempt to resolve any issues through objective mediation. We hope never to have to use their services in our Local.

Yahoo Group Moderators: Vyxen and Dorei

Vyxen and Dorei are seasoned moderator vets, and are always ready to make sure we all mind our posting P's&Q's! ;D Look to Vyxen to announce all new members, and to both of them to help us keep our dates and facts straight! If you have an activity that you would like to add to the calendar, these are the ladies to contact!

Livejournal Local 42 Community Moderator: Tara Johnson

Our newest communication forum, Tara will insure that all pertinent information that is posted on the Yahoo & IWG Lists, as well as facilitate fun discussions that may pop-up on LJ. All information regarding Invasion Activities, Meet & Greets, etc, will be available here, as well as on the other two Local 42 forums. If you are a LiveJournal Member, drop a line to "IWG_Local42" : please include your Wench name, your real name, your IWG #, and your email address.

Local 42/Wench.org List Moderator: Vyxen

Similar to the Yahoo List Moderator, Vyxen will insure that all communication is flowing smoothly on our Local 42 IWG message board, as well as insure all Invasion, Meet & Greet, etc information is posted here.

Scribe: Tara Johnson

Similar to a secretary, Tara will be in charge of taking notes at meetings, fact-checking at the request of your Madame and your VM, and handling any administrative duties that may come our way.

MDRF Liason: Karen(Neighbor Lady)

Karen will be our "eyes and ears" when it comes to facilitating communication between MDRF management and Local 42. She will insure that we adhere to all MDRF policies regarding IWG activities, and keep us all informed to any changes that may occur throughout the season. She will be assisted by Amethyst, who also has a very good, long-standing relationship with MDRF owners/management. I know they both will assure the "powers that be" that the IWG Local 42 takes it's relationship very seriously.

Target Wench Coordinator: Miss Dee
Assistant Coordinator: Flo, a.k.a. Mistress Von Cleavage

Want your guy Wenched? These are the ladies to talk to! Dee and Flo will ensure that we are adhering to all MDRF policies regarding Wenchings, while making sure that everyone has fun!

Welcome Wagon Wench Coordinator: O'Cin
Welcome Wagon Wenches: Laura Webb, I'Cin, Katelyn, and Brenna

WWW's is something new to Local 42, but with O'Cin at the helm, I'm sure it will be a successful program. Practically everyone mentioned that they wished there was more "involvement" in the Local, and that they miss the days when we would have fun activities, 'just for us', at Faire. The WWWC and her WWW's are going to be helming the Big/Lil Wench program, which, in a nutshell is when we pair a "veteran" Wench with a "noob" with the goal of making said Noob feel welcomed and involved as soon as they join the Local. The Vet will help the Noob (don't you love these words? ;D) navigate Faire, make sure she's familiar with the Hostel, point out where she is most likely to find Wenches gathering, and get her involved in whatever Local activities appeal to her. Additionally, O'Cin and Crew will be handling ALL Invasion Weekend activities so that we can make our Out Of Town Sister Wenches feel welcome and *involved*. Both VM CinD and myself have already given O'Cin our *wish list* of activities, but we are open to suggestions. ..but I digress. ;D Stay tuned for more information regarding this program---we' re very excited about it!!

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while CinD and I wrestled with these decisions. We felt that it was more important to weigh every option, rather than jump in hastily. Double thanks go out to the *brave souls* ;D who have volunteered their Time and Talent!

Stay tuned to this board, the wench.org board, and the LiveJournal Local 42 communityfor more information about Meet & Greets, Stych and Bytches, Invasion Plans, Welcome Wench Activities.. ..and Fun!!

Now, I guess there's really only one thing left to say...


~Miss Lillye
Madame, Local 42
IWG #1198