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07-04-2006, 12:57 PM
Updates to the Memorial Service will be in this thread.

Subject: Update on Bagel's Memorial Service
Hello everyone,

Here is the information I have so far. I will send another update with more details when they are set.

Sunday July 16th Directions at:http://www.varf.org
Time TBD
Lake Anna Winery
5621 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22553

The first hour will be a formal memorial service. This will be followed by a more upbeat, fun event because we think Bagel would have liked it that way. Please do not feel that you should dress up or wear black like you would for a traditional funeral--please dress as you would if you were just going to hang out with Bagel.

Come up with your best "Bagel Story" to share with others at the memorial. After the formal part, it would be nice to mingle with his family and friends to recall the good times. The family has asked that everyone look for their best, child-friendly photographs of Bagel and email them to his sister Lisa at [email protected] They will be printed and assembled into a memory album for his son, Loki. I'm sure we have many pictures taken over the years and this could become
quite overwhelming so choose one or two that are particularly special to you and include a little story about them in your email. This will be something Loki will cherish for the rest of his life.

Out of the Woodwork, the producers of the Virginia Renaissance Faire, will build the Cottage Stage--the centerpiece for the faire Bagel had envisioned on his last day of life. It will be dedicated to his life as a performer, friend, father, son and brother. A fund is being set up for this purpose.

There will be a memorial web site for Bagel at http://www.rememberingbagel.com (http://www.rememberingbagel.com/). You will be able to post
condolences, share your stories and also share and browse photos. To coordinate on ideas and input on the website contact Nyk at [email protected]