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08-11-2006, 10:14 AM
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Our own Flo, happened to be discussing her upcoming wedding plans with Carolyn Spedden, Entertainment Director at MDRF, and used this opportunity to ask Carolyn a few Wench-related questions, specifically regarding Wenchings and Wench Walks. Here's (paraphrased) what Carolyn had to say:

1. Are wench walks and wenchings allowed at MDRF?

Yes, everyone is allowed to do what they like at fair. Within reason.

2. Any specific rules for wenchings and wench walks?

Yes, No wenching Acts or Actors. We can not have them walking around with lip stick all overthem, or have their stage or street shows interrupted for this either. Please do not do wenching near stages, or street acts, nor block walking traffic. Do have fun though. Please remember patrons do not know that garbed patrons are not paid actors or acts.

3. As the King is single this year, are we allowed to give him flowers / presents?

Yes, the years there is a wife that would be tacky, but as the King is single that would be good. There is going to be a nobles / royals pavilion down between the children's ship and climbing wall, where they should be part of the day. You may bring period presents and flowers there. Please take a few days and learn where he will be and what he is doing. I do not want him to be interrupted to be given flowers or gifts while doing street shows or stage shows. Or have to carry arm fulls of things around when he needs to do a show. There are times he will be just walking around or at the pavilion. No lipstick on the king please!!

Please just remember no wenching acts or actors. Be mindful that non garb patrons do not know that garbed patrons are not paid acts or actors. Do not interrupt shows with wenchings or wench walks. Have fun. And Thank you for asking me these questions.

So, in a nutshell, we have been given a CLEAR GREEN LIGHT for Wenchings and Wench Walks, as long as they adhere to IWG guidelines, AND MDRF policies, AND Carolyn's specific requests.

Our Wenching Coordinators, Mistress Dee and Flo, will be handling the scheduling of ALL Wenchings and Wench Walks, and their contact information and calendar will be posted HERE very soon!!!

(That's your sign to PROCEED with scheduling, ladies! You have The Blessing!!)

If anyone has ANY questions or concerns regarding Wenchings or Wench Walks, please post them HERE so we can all learn from this discussion!

ONLY 18 DAYS!!!! YAY!!!!

~Miss Lillye
Madame, Local 42
IWG #1998