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Bridget BeadWeaver
08-28-2006, 10:57 AM
For the second time in little more than two years,
Kharla Garner's home was damaged by fire.

Here is part of the article from the paper:

Thursday night, a fire believed to be of electrical origin damaged her mobile home in the Town & Country Trailer Park in Canton Township.

Canton fire Chief Dave Gump said it was too early to determine the extent of damage. The first was reported by a neighbor at 10:15 p.m.

Garner's cat, Tip, died of smoke inhalation in the fire.

She said she doesn't have fire insurance.

Some of you probably know Kharla as the Khrone. Khroney, or the Pirate chick from Rain Maker...She's also Ginseng Woman, and the one with the chainmail panties from Halloween...

...Most of you know that besides all that - she's my very very dear friend....She's been really devistated by this fire...she lost alot of very personal items, family heirlooms, irreplacable collections, thousands of dollars in ginseng and other herbs and therapy products...Not to mention one of her very best friends...Tippy - Her cat...who was trapped in the fire and died.

Anyone who would like to help out can contact me at any time via email at Artsywench at gmail dot com or by phone which you can find on my website www.maximumglitter.com

Right now the list of what she needs is as follows...I will keep you updated as I know what more she may need:

** Monetary donations are always welcome of course! (she also lost about 200.00 in medication which she has to replace ASAP!!!)

(*checks can be mailed to C/o Heather Yanyo 2669 Oakhill Drive, Library, PA 15129*)

** size 7 shoes, boots, or ren footwear (business casual would be great!)

** size 6 business attire or other clothing

** toiletry items and girly stuff

she was also collecting leather for an upcoming project she was working on...so she could use any old leather skirts, pants, coats, or that type of thing...

in addition she lost all or most of her ren garb...so if anyone has anything in a smallish size (or anything I can alter for her) it would be appreciated!!!


Buxom Wench
08-28-2006, 11:15 AM
Sent a PM. :-D

Bridget BeadWeaver
08-30-2006, 08:30 AM
just to let you all know...there's been some good news on the fire front.

Kharla got in there yesterday with a shovel and started digging through the debris that used to be her bedroom.

by some stroke of luck something had fallen off the shelf and actually wound up protecting a few pair of her boots, and her sparkely "dorothy" shoes survived...not that they are every day wear or anything - but it's something that didnt get destroyed...and that made for an exciting day!

she also found a handfull of jewelry (box and pouch are ashes) laying in a pile of ash under some things....this also was a big deal...everything is pretty much a disaster...and there will be lots more days of shoveling charred wood, ash encrusted clothing, and melted krud, but hopefully the more we go through things the more treasures we will find.

Alot of folks have stepped up and offered things for Kharla. It's great to see how many people came out of hiding to help!

We've had offers for furniture and herbs to replace some of what she lost...some garb items are showing up and a few pair of shoes...but she still needs dress shoes in size 7, business clothes, jars for storing herbs, and small size garb and accessories so if you've got anything you can part with....please help now!