View Full Version : clearance on bodices and skirts to fix my tooth

07-27-2003, 05:36 PM
Hey Wenches-

I just broke one of my molars in half and have to raise $300 to get my tooth fixed (OUCH)

So I marked down a bunch of garb to move it faster.

I have 4 bodices left in stock, that I have marked down like 75%. Some are marked to $15.00, the rest are $20 or at the most $25.


You may have to cut and paste (sorry)

And I have 2 skirts left they are $10.00 each


All wenches get free shipping, paypal is prefered, but checks/money orders will be accepted too.

I've got other non wench garb too:


email me offlist if you have questions or if something grabs you.

Off to go take 4 large asprin