View Full Version : Announcing Elections for Local Madame and Vice Madame

12-13-2006, 08:40 PM
Hello wenches! Sorry it has taken so long for the elections to be held - we have been waiting for those wenches who purchased their pin/joined the guild during the 2006 GARF run to receive their pins and information. If you have not already joined the wench forums please do so - this is so you can place nominations and vote and/or run for a position.

-Nominations for both positions need to be received by midnight December 22, 2006.

-Platforms for all who are nominated need to be in by midnight on December 29, 2006 posted on wench.org in the Local 74 forum additionally sent to Lars at scribe AT wench DOT org (http://us.f550.mail.yahoo.com/ym/[email protected]).

-Voting will be held until January 5, 2007.

Here are the official qualification requirements for the positions:

Any 25 year old (or older) Guild member of Madame (7 or more years) status may be nominated to run as Local Madame by members of her local guild.

To be nominated as a Vice Madame, the Guild member must be 22 years of age or older and of Hussy status or higher (3 or more years).

Eligible wenches must be nominated and seconded. Any nominated wench will be required to submit a statement of purpose platform.

Thank you!
Brandy Franklin aka Whiskey O'Brien - Vice Madame
Psyche delle Stelle - Madame of Local 74
Crystal Marrs aka Lady AreannaRose - Arbiter