View Full Version : Statement of Purpose for Local Madame

12-28-2006, 07:01 PM
I, Brandy Franklin, aka Whiskey Fyre O’Brien, IWG #2100, Madame Cum Laude, do accept the nomination to run for Madame of Local 74.

Unlike 2 years ago I’m not going to give my personal history and what I do outside of faire because I do believe at least 95% of you know who I am or have met me once. For those of you who haven’t – I am not hard to find and am very easy to approach. In my last platform (when I was running for Vice Madame), I mentioned that it was all about getting established. Well, we are established now. Faire management knows about us and one personal goal of mine is to continue improving relations between the local guilds and faire management that were formed over the past two years.

Speaking of goals, as Madame there are a few goals I would definetly like to see achieved over the next two years. 1 – I would like to form a closer bond to all the current wenches and new ones. This accomplishes a few things – being in better touch in order to have meetings, knowing who we all are (besides names on a screen/list), organzing group activities, traveling to other faires together, etc. 2 - I would like to start having quarterly meetings. You will all be notified atleast a month in advance of when and where the meeting will be held. One of the main reasons I would like to have meetings is so that everyone’s voice can be heard regarding stuff that happens with the local – starting with suggestions on what people would like to see happen, and wouldn’t you like to know what are colors are anyway? 3 – I would like to see more recruiting – now that we are established lets make it bigger! We are a fairly small bunch and this past year showed us that there are plenty out there who would like to join or who don’t even know about the guild at all.

I will be working closely with the Vice Madame and Arbiter to ensure that these goals are met. I want us to have fun out there – not just at faire but all around the world if possible. I basically want to be notorious and this is one good way to start that.

I am asking that you vote for me as Madame for Local 74 in the upcoming election! Thankyou!

Brandy Franklin aka
Whiskey Fyre O’Brien
IWG# 2100, MCL