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01-02-2007, 05:25 PM
First, my apologies for the lateness of this posting. I did not have internet connection for two days and have gotten to this as soon as I possibly could. I thought I had posted this earlier today, but something apparently went wrong. I havenít been able to get into wench.org until today.

I, Crystal Marrs, aka Lady Areanna Rose, IWG #198, Madame Cum Laude, do accept the nomination to run for Vice Madame of Local 74.

For those who donít know me, IRL I work with a small B2B publishing research firm doing data management and reporting, among other things. I am often the quiet one of a group but have been known to shock people when I do open up. I started attending faire at 15 and began working at Bristol four years later. I became a member of the Wenches Guild in 1996 and enjoyed it immensely, breaking from it only when I married but returning on divorce when I needed the support of the many wonderful ladies I had met. I ran circuit for three years working faires from Florida to New York to Minnesota, settling in Georgia in 1997. I worked closely with faire management in Georgia as the ministerís assistant for weddings until 2004 and have maintained these relationships to the current day.

This seems a good time to launch further as one of my goals is to maintain the guild relationship with GARF management. This means something a bit different from most faires of my experience and requires constant work, attention, understanding and the ability to compromise to some degree. While we have been accepted at GARF, we are still learning our place in this little niche and need the support and direction of management to get there at last.

I would like to see a newsletter started for Local 74 to keep us all up to date on the happenings in the lives of our fellow wenches. I see this as a way of facilitating communications between us even in the off-season, when so many of us tend to disappear in the wood-work for months at a time. We have become established as a Local group in Georgia, but I believe we still need to achieve the closeness that I see in so many other groups.

I would also like to see us becoming a bit more active in the events locally besides GARF. To this end I would like to see, and would offer to make, two banners made for this purpose. We often forget that our presence is more than just saying ďWe are hereĒ, and acceptance of us as a serious group could be gained by participation in serious matters as well as fun. But it does us no good if people canít see who the strangely dressed people represent!

As for the future, letís have fun - get to know each other - find our sameness - celebrate our differences - learn that closing day is not the end until next year - and take care of each other in a world that doesnít always Ďgetí us.

While I am not necessarily this verbose, in short I am asking that you vote for me as Vice Madame for Local 74 in the upcoming election! Thank you!

Crystal Marrs aka
Lady Areanna Rose
IWG# 198, MCL