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02-02-2007, 06:33 PM
X posted from my food blog... thought you ladies would appreciate a giggle

Obvious to those who know me and know of me, I am a foodie. This means that pretty much every topic can be conveyed in terms of food. This became clear this morning during a conversation I had with my husband Jay.

My husband is a pragmatist. There are few grey areas and certainly none in pastels of the rainbow. He follows schematics to plot out details and I use recipes as inspiration, more a source of helpful guidelines and less a rigid format.

Our morning discussion was centered on one of the gender bias issues of our time, relationships and how the participants are viewed by each other.

A widely read book insists that men and women each come from someplace different in the universe. I beg to differ. I believe that we are all from Earth and in fact all end up in the kitchen. The kitchen is where we discover the deep rooted differences between our genders and how we view the other side.

The example that leads me to this conclusion follows.

When women shop for groceries they shop for ingredients. Women select a ripe piece of fruit, examine it closely for visable flaws and blemishes and toss it back immediately if it is not found to be acceptable. "Maybe someone else can use a sub par banana today but not me" is her thought as she ponders through aisle after aisle of things that she can combine, mold and use to create her perfect meal. She may,after combing through the produce section ,decide to return to that banana for sentimental reasons and select the flawed fruit knowing in her heart that it will soon become incredible banana bread under her artful construction. It certainly works in the favor of the banana if another shopper is seen lurking nearby and has her eye cast upon it. The banana however is truly best served by just sitting there behaving aloof and apathetic, as fruits should do.

When men shop it is fast, efficient and effective for immediate gratification with no thought process as to the shopping experience. Men shop for food, not ingredients. The man says, "I'm a 5.00 START kinda cook" he wants his food hot and ready to consume between commercials on the Simpsons. Shopping is not an event in man speak. For a woman it can be a life changing experience. Seriously, ask a woman about the first time she purchased good chocolate and she'll remember the time, place and be able to describe the exquisite sensual experience of consuming it...as detailed as she will be about her first lover.

Ask a guy about his first shopping experience and he look at you with that blank stare of complete helplessness... was he really supposed to remember that after it happened? He can tell you what it took to get him there but certainly what came after entry through the mystic portal is not terribly important to recall. He got in there and got out of it what he went in for and he did it quickly by gosh...and he was prepared to eventually do it again if he had to but would certainly be happy to allow his woman to take the labor of this process solo and leave him to reap the rewards after the initial work is completed.

Women think of men as ingredients, something to mold and change into the perfect entree. Men view the perfect woman as they would the perfect dinner... ready to eat right out of the package. No fuss, no calculating and very easy clean up.

So ladies, I encourage you to remember this when seeking out your Mr right. He may be cute, but can he cook?

02-02-2007, 06:36 PM
I love it! :aok:

And it's all so true......

02-02-2007, 07:16 PM
I like it!

It's funny because I actually used to tell guys they had to be able to cook to date me.

02-02-2007, 08:02 PM
My thoughts on this morning's converse. We were discussing the relationship difficulties a friend seems to be having. Essentially, conditions were one way before the marriage and sometime afterwards, the young lady's situation changed and the young man was somewhat disconcerted by this. (I'm not talking about illness or something along those lines, just a significant level of complexity added to the relationship). My thoughts attempting to echo the young man's thoughts were "This isn't what I signed up for."

For the most part I believe that men think that thing won't change...at all during the relationship. They don't think that there is any molding to be done, no improvements to be made, no alterations are necessary.

Diane's riposte was that most women see the flaws in the men they date, but believe these flaws will be cured with diligent effort. Men can be molded, shaped and guided.

I expect that both sexes (and I don't mean to leave out same sex relationships, but think that even in those there is a more masculine and more feminine partner) are going to be disappointed by these preconceptions.

My advice for the male side of the relationship is to expect things to be more malleable than the reality you've built up in your mind.

My advice for the female side is to suck it up and deal. He isn't changing.

Not really, but I had to get the outraged reaction from my mate. Remember that you need a piece of fruit if you want fruit salad, you won't be making the pasta into the fruit salad. Start out in the right section of the market and remember that the changes you make will be small.

Mistress Morigianna
02-02-2007, 11:31 PM
i had a convo with my love when we first met-
how do yu make cinnamon toast?
What do you put in tuna salad.

Very important questions! You can tell a lot about a man by the way he eats tuna. (no pun).

for example- my exhusband hated tuna in salads or cassarol.....:roll: He also burnt cinnamon toast in a broiler..... Not good signs- I should have known.