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05-14-2007, 08:34 PM
Hi there!

I never really got into a local while I've been here in Washington but, seeing as I expect to be in Northern Cali for quite a while it seems appropriate to say hello!

In about three weeks (provided he finds a house..booo) I'll be in the Bay area. My question is this. Northern California Renaissance Festival. 25.00 a pop? Seriously? I mean, I have no qualms to drop that much but I'm a little leery of festivals that I can't even "see" through their own website.

I got burned up in here in WA..

I also admit, I'm spoiled. I worked KCRF for 15 years between cast and boothie work so I dig on hard site faires.

...and now that I've revealed I'm all picky and stuff *hangs head* HI! *waves*