View Full Version : Yet another good reason to party!!

Adriana Rose
10-05-2007, 02:12 AM
Hey ladies I dont want to take away from Jess's post but I have another good cause to step up to!

If you guys dont read the Damsels in Distress, I had posted about my sisters brother in law Tye. He was in a motorcycle accident on the night of September 20th and is in Critical Condtion in the Greeley Hospital. He was not expected to live and was in a bit of a coma for 2 weeks. He woke up yesterday and is able to reconize his kids and his family members, though he is still on a breathing tube.
The injuries that the doctors say he had and still has is a fractured skull, a collapsed lung and various other injuries that I cannot remember.

Also he had just started a new job and his health insurance did not come into effect until Monday!
To the point of this post,

Join us For some fun and to raise money for Tye, The Benefit will be Oct. 19th at 6:00pm At the Northglenn Moose Lodge 11449 York St. , Northglenn, Co. If you cannot make it and would like to Donate Money, Please contact Judy Tunis with Key Bank at 303-286-1160.
Hope to see you there for DJ Music, Dancing, Food will be Mexican Plate or Spaghetti Plate Adults $12.00 $6.00 child
Please come join us and give from your Heart for Tye.

Come On Everyone pull together, if you can't make it to this then let me know if you'd like to donate and I will tell you account info that has been set up for Tye at Wells Fargo bank! You can go anywhere in the united states to donate please Help he has no insurence and a long way to go before he is even out of the hospital!!

Remember that Karma grows with helping those in need!
Love to all!!!

Thank you!