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10-08-2003, 03:34 AM
Back a couple of months ago we had that wonderful thread about dyeing fabrics and all and it inspired me.... my faire season is almost over (there are 2 weekends left, but I only have 1 *sniff*) and it is flannel time out here (brrr freakin' brrr) and my flannel shirt i like to wear in the cold was a little bit stained. It being of the natural muslin coloring and the stain right in the middle of the shirt (normally hidden by bodice!), I decided to dye it a nice darker color.... I've always been partial to burgundy.... :)

I just *happened* to be at the Fabric store today (coincidence??? :lol: ) and bought "Wine" and "Scarlet" RIT dyes. I used the washing machine method and the shirt came out wonderful! It's not quite the burgundy I was hoping for, but as I couldn't remember half of what was discussed in the thread while I was standing in front of the RIT colors, it came out pretty darned good! :)

If I'm lucky, I'll have pics this weekend!
Thanks for the thread ladies!

10-08-2003, 07:55 AM

Though I have to say, from your header, I was expecting something far more grim! That, or your premiere opera event.

10-08-2003, 11:46 PM
That, or your premiere opera event.

About the only opera event I'm likely to *be in* would be one involving caterwauling..... only thing is, I'd lose to the cats!!!! :)