View Full Version : All hands meeting

Mistress Von Cleavage
07-27-2008, 09:45 PM
I would like to thank all our sister wenches that made it to the
meeting today. I know so many more had life issues and other reason
for not attending. We wish all of you well, and hope you can make it
to other wench doings.

Please take the time to read the minutes from todays meeting. If you
have any ideas, something to add, or revise please feel free to post
or email me or the vice madame. We are here to serve and to help make
the next two year as much fun and enjoyable as we can for all of us
sister wenches.

I would like to thank Laura for getting the minutes written up and
posted so fast, and stepping in for our scribe. You rock wiggles. :-)

Officers Tammie VyxenFoxChase Arbiter; I'Cin Arbiter; April
Scribe; Marty - Auntie/Lil Wench Program Coordinator/Welcome Wench
Program; La'Cin Dame of the Hostel; Colleen aka Terror Walk
Leader and Target Wenching Coordinator; and Delinda Walk Leader and
Wenching Co-Coordinator. (No longer have a Wench/Faire Management
Liaison as Faire Management wants to communicate directly with the
Madame and Vice Madame.)

Again thank you everyone.

Madame Local 42