View Full Version : New Windstone Editions @ Griffin Candle

The Candle Wench
11-24-2003, 12:23 PM

I've just returned from my run at TRF and found a stack of brand new Windstone Editions catalogs waiting for me. And when I looked inside, there were several new candlelamps and wall sconces!

:aroooo: Wolf Wall Sconce $75.00
Sea Fire Mermaid Wall Sconce $137.00
Parliment of Owls Candlelamp $81.00
Fletcher Bunny Candle Holder $55.00
Dexter Bunny Candle Holder $55.00

You may view pictures of these pieces at my website www.griffincandleco.com

Also, there is a brand new :meow: Leaf Cat Wall Sconce ($61.00) that didn't make the catalog in time, so I don't have a picture yet. The sconce is a cat composed of leaves looking at a votive candle. The sconce is finished in a copper patina (copper and green) finish.
Plus there are two new pieces coming in 2004. A Hippogriff candlelamp and the Hand-Held Dragon wall sconce facing right, so you can pair him up with the existing left facing one.

Keep these candlelamps and my handmade scented candles in mind for the holiday season. Griffin Candle is wench owned and opperated, and IWG members recieve 10% off all candle purchases!