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12-29-2003, 12:57 PM

Hello All,

The meeting held in Raleigh on December 27th had several wenches and rogues in attendance; however not a full quorum. This is important as elections for Madam of the local will be occurring in the February meeting. To be the Madam of the local, a wench needs to hold the rank of madam within the IWG (thus have been a member for at least 7 seasons). As we have several wenches who meet this requirement but do not want to be Madam of the local, we are reverting to an old tradition called "standing for office." Basically that means that interested wenches should announce their intentions to stand (run) for the position. Please announce your intention to stand / stump for office over email. In your standing announcement please include the following information:
Your Name
Why you want to be Madam of the Local
What goals you have for the Local

Please post your stump to the group prior to January 15th. After January 15th through February 1st will be the voting over email. I will not be stumping or voting, so please send your vote to me. They will be tallied and the new Madam will be announced at the February meeting.

We did not discuss plans for the coming season as that will be the main topic for the February meeting.

Secondly, MisRed and Rafael have invited all the wenches and rogues to their house for New Year's Eve. Please RSVP as soon as possible to them.

Third, Misty is taking nominations for awards for this past season. Please email her with your nominations.

Finally, Teddy announced that he will be the manager of a booth at CRF next season and has volunteered his booth for the hostel.

I have truly enjoyed this past year and have counted myself as being very honored to be the Madam. Thank you for all of your hard work over this past season. From all reports, it was the best one yet. I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all of the best for the coming year.

Miss Rose
Madam of Local 96

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12-29-2003, 02:30 PM
Can someone provide more information about the awards?


12-30-2003, 11:07 AM
Ummm yeah, I brought them up to Misty... and thought it would be fun to have some silly awards from Faire season (Most likely not to show....... Newcomer who made the most friends....... Most likely to crossdress...) just silly stuff that would show that the Local really does see what's going on at Faire.. and we talk about it too ;P

12-30-2003, 06:16 PM
*giggles* I have a nomination for "Most Likely to Cross-Dress"...


01-01-2004, 12:25 PM
If it's who I think it is, I'll second that nomination!!!!!