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02-16-2003, 04:56 PM

I know that some of our wenchly sisters and some of our rogue brothers are in the military. My son (and some of his friends at school) are interested in writing letters to some of the military personnel who are deployed. They are all interested in History and Militaristic History so this is a personal "mission", not a school project.

I don't know of any other way to find military personnel who are looking for pen pals and tell you the truth, I feel better knowing that my son is writing with someone with whom I at least know a bit of their background (which is why I am asking in this forum).

I do not know what the current policies are on military pen pals, so if I am way off base on this question, please do let me know. Feel free to send me email on this as well [email protected]

02-17-2003, 03:26 AM
I'm not in anymore, but I can trell you a greneral feel.
Right now, noone knows what's going on, and every morning at briefing, everyone is reminded of some version of "loose lips sink ships" and to tell your loved ones things they need to know because you might have to establish radio silence (or letter censorship)

About a month after the war, a routine will begin to be established, and people will begin to play spades with a vengence.

About a month after that, boredom will kick in and people will begin to bet on things like: Who has slept in thier gas mask the longest, who has been bit by camels the most, and who can spit the most sand (Achieved by spitting on the table and seeing whose is the grainiest)

About a month after that, general communications can be reestablished causing a deluge from family and friends. (Which lasts generally 3 whole letters)

Any time after the 6 month mark, bordom, lethargy and desperation set in. Causing military personnel to take sentry duty even if they aren't scheduled just for something to do. NOW whould be the time to send a random letter to a smaller outfit where almost immediately whoever sent the letters would become the units pet project for about 2 and ahalf to 3 months until the novelty wore off.

After that is anyones guess...

I'm not sure what type of response your going to get with your poll, merely because noone really knows if they could pen pal right now.
Hope this helps.

Devon Dalaigh
02-18-2003, 03:16 PM
Hey Vanessa,
I'm still in - active duty AF out of Mississippi and I probably will be deploying by June. Reactions to penpals usually runs the gamut from "ehhh - I don't wanna" to "Oh cool - look what this kid wrote - I've got to write back !"
Personally - Although I'll be writing to my honey, my daughter and my little boy (Daddy will have to read it to him) - I think having at least one penpal from the "outside" is great. I know when I was in Korea we had some of the Dear Abby holiday mail - and I liked answering the kids' questions. And a few of the adults too :-) I just wished one of them had written back to me :-(

But I think that is a wonderful idea - although you may want to coordinate it as part of one of the service organizations to make it easier on you - just a thought....
Take care and thanks for thinking of us :-)


Ariyana Dragonwagon
02-18-2003, 04:24 PM
I congratulate you for writing back... I know my family has participated in the dear abby letter writing and never once did we hear back from anyone!

When I was in high school I had several friends in the military, posted overseas.. used to take great joy in trying to brighten their days with mail.. miss that in a way, so we tried to find someone whose days we could brighten , but as I said never a response!

I know my family would write to someone, and my Junior girl scout troop as well.. but according to what they passed on at last service unit meeting, the troop has to write to an individual not any service man...

Devon Dalaigh
02-18-2003, 11:45 PM
I congratulate you for writing back... I know my family has participated in the dear abby letter writing and never once did we hear back from anyone!

Thanks Ariyana ! Don't worry - someone might have had their tour brightened up by your letters but maybe had no opportunity to write back... never give up hope *smile* I saw it happen over there :?
I was lucky - I ended up in a job I hated... but that gave me open time to do that - even on duty....... some people don't get near any free time like that.