View Full Version : Scarborough Faire and Good news for Local 13

01-28-2004, 12:17 AM
Hello everyone
I have great news.

Nevada and I have spoken with Scarborough Management..aka Coy and Allen... and they have graciously and unhesitantly agreed to allow us to walk in the parade as Local 13 of the IWG.


They have also agreed to the establishment of an official hostel at Scarborough. In fact we have had more than one vendor express interest in hosting the hostel. :-) Maritabeth came up with an outstanding idea to form a committee to ensure we end up with the best hostel possible. (Thank you Maritabeth for that idea!) Having embraced Maritabeth's idea, a committe has been formed. The members will review, visit and determine the best and most adventageous hostel for Local 13 at Scarborough Faire. They have begun the process already and are diligently working for our best interests as a whole.

So please be extra kind to the following wenches as they succeed in finding the best Hostel for Local 13 at Scarborough and when you happen to see them you might thank them for their diligent efforts on our behalf.

Mary Dane
Isabelle Fawkes
Rhia Firewalker

Thank you ladies !

Madame of Local 13
Bearer of the Whim of Steel

PS. For those of you concerned, we have permission to walk in the parade not to do wench walks. Scarborough is a family faire and they are still concerned about what that might entail.