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03-03-2003, 12:48 PM
Before anyone reads this, I want to warn you... this is very, very sad and something that may upset you if you're sensitive.

I wanted to let you know that in my area, there is a really terrible situation where they found about 30 horses, a number of dogs, and other farm animals neglected and starving (and very dehydrated) on a local farm. They were surrounded by the carcasses of dead animals. I know a lot of you are animal/horse lovers, and I wanted to let you know about this. This is the WORST case of animal neglect in this county (which is right by Lexington) and one of the worst in the state. You can read about the situation here.


The humane society coordinating efforts for this is REALLY in need of donations. If you can't donate, your prayers/thoughts/good energy are also VERY much needed in this situation. There are not currently enough "foster" homes or supplies for this situation, and it will really take a lot of people pulling together to take care of them.

The humane society's link is here:


Also, in this situation, the woman who is responsible for this will only face misdemeanor charges... a bill is currently in the Kentucky State Legislature to make cruelty to animals a felony charge. If you believe this should DEFINITELY be passed after reading this and the story, please consider e-mailing state legislators about this. Even though you may live out of state, please consider doing this if your conscience moves you to; KY has has some of the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect in the nation over the past year, including a "humane society/dog pound" whose workers "euthanized" dogs by shooting them at close range (animal rescues, including the one I volunteer with, stepped in and took all of the dogs away from this place, and worked to get the director fired). Their e-mails can be found at the following link:


Again, ladies... thank you for your time, and your help in any way you can offer.


03-03-2003, 01:06 PM
This really pisses me off :evil:

Why the hell do people do this to animals.....guess I shouldn't be surprised, since it happens to people/kids too. These people just have to be evil because they could send these animals to shelters where they'd have at least a fighting chance. I mean if you cannot afford or do not wish to take care of an animal....why get one or keep one? They have to be evil becuase they have options, but choose to make these defenseless creatures suffer.

At any rate I agree that the law should make animal cuelty and abuse a federal offense. A lot of states already have such a law in place. I remember watching an episode on Animal Planet on the ASPCA. They picked up a guy for burning his cats whiskers off. He was SHOCKED :shock: to find out that he was facing a federal charge.

EVERYONE write in!!!!

03-03-2003, 02:20 PM
Tx put in tougher laws on this matter just during this past year...but only after someone stole a families puppy gouged out his eyes and tried to set him on fire...somehow the poor thing survived and made it home....I give when I can to the shelters in my area and have done cat rescues on my own and get them adopted out...currently owned by furry horde that no one wanted...ie cat with 1 eye...cat bowlegged..cat blind in one eye...hey if you want perfection buy a picture...wish I had the space I would take a couple of the horses at least

03-03-2003, 04:23 PM
Oh good god, and I thought that it was bad enough with the rabbits in jersey last year...

what's worse with the jersey case is that the man can't even be prosecuted because the rescuer who got all of them made a deal with the devil to save the lives of the rabbits. At least this one can be prosecuted.

the one in jersey was last summer. A guy who decided he was going to raise rabbits for food (I don't object to this part, even though I have rabbits as pets, because rabbits are like any other food animal, while some people keep them as pets, they are essentially meant as food for other animals). After six months, he decided to dump them, because they were "more trouble than they were worth". He had taken four rabbits and in six months they were 45 rabbits... all still living in a 15'x4' pen, with no shade, little water, and not much food. Every last one of them was scratched and bitten in some manner (I think the worst was a male with his penis bitten off), many of them had infections from untreated wounds, they were literally living in about a foot worth of their own filth, with dead baby bunnies literally buried in the poop, and six of the rabbits were pregnant, some before they should have been (a rabbit really should not be bred before the age of 8 months, some of these looked to have been bred from the age of four months, just as they came of age. It's like getting a twelve year old human pregnant. Just because the equipment exists, doesn't mean they should. And likely every last one was inbred with a brother).

The only reason the man got off is because the rescuer PAID him to give her the bunnies. He basically threatened to dump them in a local game preserve if she didn't come get them (where they had about as much chance of surviving as a mouse in the same room with ten hungry cats), and told her he'd kill them if she called the cops or the press. Since they were food animals, he would have been within his legal rights to kill them all. The rescuer is unfortunately just a late teenager herself, so was not aware of all the options available to her, and was very much subject to the emotional blackmail this man gave her. Had she known, she could have called the FDA (since he said that he was raising them for food, he could have gotten slapped with lawsuits and fines for being under such filthy conditions, food conditions are actually legally more restrictive than pet conditions), or if she'd told the cops and they'd done a "raid" operation, they could still have rescued all the rabbits without her having to pay for them, AND the man could have been nailed to a legal wall. She literally paid $4 a head to keep him from killing them all, and he got off scott free because the evidence is no longer in his hands. Without the rabbits there anymore, if the cops showed up, he could literally get away with saying that all the bunny poop in the pen was being composted for plants, and that he didn't have any live animals at the location, since the evidence had already been removed. He actually threatened to sue HER later, because she threatened to still sic the cops on him (she's a teenager. *sigh*).

I still have one of the foster bunnies. He was one of the few without severe wounds, but turned out to have Pasteruella (a nasty infection that if left untreated is painful and fatal).

Ye gods, I would LOVE to make animal cruelty a felony offense. It takes a LOT of abusiveness for the cops to even come around to do something about it, and even then they don't always understand just how cruel someone is being to the animal, or just allow it to go on (witness veal production). I may not be the best at keeping the bunny cages hospital clean, but they're relatively clean, well fed, and well watered, plus treats! For gossake, their cage floors are carpeted, and each one has a HUGE cage, and all are allowed out to wander (can't let them out without supervision due to the cats in the house as well).

And every last one of them was a rescue... (only one being because someone didn't realize that the mother was a female until the kits were being born, and she was in with a male)... Most of them were rescued from untenable situations that would have left them dead or miserable, and two of them still have personality issues because of their treatment before I took them in...

Can you tell I hate to witness animal cruelty?


03-04-2003, 12:09 AM
I know, hon... it breaks my heart to see any life suffer.

I also had to "buy" my dog away from a bad situation. I was driving along the highway, and I saw two local people (who I know in my hometown) who were in a pickup truck, and they seemed to be with something small... a guineapig or rabbit, I thought.

I pulled over, and asked if there had been an accident (I have often done this to see if anything can be done for the animal if it's been hit, or to get friends in wildlife rescue to help save the babies, if possible). They laughed, and said no... that they were dropping off "the runt of the litter" of pups to get hit by a car, or "try her chances in the wild." :shock: When I asked them why, they said THEY couldn't bear to have her euthanized themselves. The pup was a tiny ball of fur, and I couldn't even see much about her. I picked her up, and her front legs were completely backwards (twisted). She was deformed, unable to walk or stand well, and tiny -- she fit easily inside the palm of my hand. She weighed 1/2 lb. I said, "Why are you wanting her to die?" They said that she was "wasting the milk from the mother, and 'stealing' it when the other pups would live."

I saw RED. I turned around, got into my car, pup in hand. One of the guys stood in front of my car, and said, "Wait. You're not taking her. Give us $30."

I should have run the SOB over. :evil:

I threw $30 at him, and told him that he would be having a great time soon, because the Humane Society would be visiting him that day. They did, and found that he had over 40 dogs. They were the local pet store suppliers, running a mutt puppy mill. They found that they were not only operating in deplorable conditions, but that they were allowing dogs to inbreed. That is how my dog and a dog that I later found out to be her biological aunt (who, as a result of a long but interesting story, ended up being my mom's dog ;) ended up with their deformed legs and inner deformities.

Still, it has a happy ending... I bottle-fed Pudgie, trained her, and after much therapy and medical care, she is alive, well, and happy. :) She still has leg problems, but is expected to have a normal life, for the most part. She's my baby, and all that know me know how crazy I am about her. ;)

And, out of her litter, she is the only one still living today.

Animals are often stronger than people in their resilience. Emotionally, many heal from their scars and learn to love and trust humans again, and that is one of the greatest miracles that I see in working with animals. It is one of the most beautiful and strong forms of love that exist -- between animal and human. We are their stewards, and in many ways, they are ours.

And, on a happier note, many people have responded to the needs of the Jessamine Co. Humane society, although they still need as much help as possible. People are angry about the situation, which is good... animal cruelty isn't a joke, nor is it something society can afford to tolerate. Animal cruelty needs to be a felony with serious consequences. We are only as good as our sense of duty to everything and everyone that we are to be stewards for -- animals, the Earth, each other...

Thank you for being such beautiful, caring, loving people. It gives me hope that something good will come from such a terrible situation.


Isabelle Warwicke
03-04-2003, 08:51 PM
I live on a farm. I have seen the depths of animal kindness, for animals are the most non-judgemental, giving, loving creatures. We raise cattle for beef, but that is just economy and agriculture but we treat them as humanely and kindly as possible as we can while they are in our care. I have cried over every kitten, baby chicken, gosling and other animal that we have lost and buried. I had a horse for years that was given to me with the express consent that I give him a good home. Do you know how hard it is to dig a grave for a horse? I had to use a freakin' backhoe!! And cried the whole time. Death is a part of life but when that death comes in the form of pure cruelty and human neglect it is inexcusable.
I have written countless letters to my Representatives and Senators, signed every petition that I could get my hands on and even reported cases of cruelty on farms around me. Animal cruelty is deplorable and some people should have their hands cut off for doing it. (but that would be inhumane)
Recently a veteranarian in the area was stealing prize show horses and spray painting them with Rustoleum to cover their markings to sell them. She finally got busted and caught. One of the horses was from a farm not far from me. The owner has been sick for weeks, trying to find her baby. We still don't know what condition the horse will be in when it is finally returned.
I'm all for inhumane treatment of people who treat animals inhumanely. I sent what small bit of money that I could spare to the Humane Society in that area. I hope it helps.

03-04-2003, 11:48 PM
i can not believe the way some people think in this world. on what level could this possibly be "right" for someone to do??? :evil:

i leived i west africa where animals are just animals... they are used to for work and protection and that's it. they don't become members of the family or get any special attention at all... but even they are treated with respect. the people know thta if they disrespect the animals it will ocme back on them in one way or another. makes you wonder if we need more superstition over here to get people to act humanely!!!!

03-05-2003, 12:44 AM
Thank you so much ladies, for all your care, concern, help, and support. I love you!!!

I wanted to post a follow-up on the article, and I'll keep you informed of what happens to the woman who did this.


In other news, though, the state legislator who introduced this bill to make animal cruelty a felony offense in KY is ironically FROM the county in which this happened. His name is Tom Buford, and you can find him on the list of legislators that I linked above. Most legislators think that it will not pass on this go-around, even though it has been through the legislature before a few years ago. Still, I refuse to give up. Kentucky (and many other states) have despicable animal rights records, and something must be done because the animals have no voice themselves. I am originally from Ohio, but I still cannot understand why, in the KY system, the humane societies and dog pounds are one and the same in most of the cases. Most are not no-kill, but I can't blame the pounds/humane societies for that... people need to be responsible pet owners, because there is only so much room available for homeless pets.

A rally took place on 2/13 in support of the bill. You can read more about it here:


Here are links to the actual bills, if you might like to see them:
(need Adobe acrobat reader)


I don't know when this will start the process to an actual vote, but I'll keep you posted. :)

Thanks again... you're all so great... :)