View Full Version : I hate Taxes

03-03-2003, 03:15 PM
has anyone done their taxes online? I've been trying for about 6 hours now

I am about to commit extreme mayhem on my computer :bsod:

03-03-2003, 03:25 PM
I did mine earlier today, took like 10 minutes.. Used TurboTax online.

03-03-2003, 04:24 PM
My admiration to anyone who does their own taxes..I just take the whole mess to my local rep and let them do it....that way I can blame someone else it if gets screwed up :D

03-04-2003, 05:02 PM
I go with TurboTax, although I buy the program, do everything offline, then e-file. If not for TurboTax, I'd probably take it to a professional because of all the band stuff (self-employment, you know) - TurboTax makes it easy. And I'm following in my mom's tradition - she's always done my parent's taxes herself - even when they had their own business.

Mairi the Herbwench
03-05-2003, 10:44 AM
OK - it gets me every time. I see the header, and read it as "I hate Texas". A bit of dyslexia, and an ex that still lives there. Of course, I was in Amarillo, the armpit of the nation where men are men and sheep are afraid and you can go to the 2nd floor of the bank building and see Oklahoma City...

Totally off the topic, but it's that kind of day.

"All my exes live in Texas..."