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04-08-2004, 10:13 PM
Hey, all. For those who remember why we call Voldemort Voldemort, O'Cin was one of my staunchest supporters and stitchers. I'm going to try to make it down Sunday to help out, though I might-possibly-maybe-it's-a-chance be staying over to Monday morning. I know I asked some of you about this before, but if you can offer ANY help, it'd be GREATLY appreciated. If you think you can't sew, I'll teach you. Free lessons! WOOT! (Not that I charge anyway, but it sounds good.)

Please please please help me help a Wench in need!

I know that I have heard from some folks
regarding my dilemma, but I wanted to appeal
directly to all of you.

I need help desparately to get these #$$%^^&%$$%
^@@@##@?!!!! COSTUMES finished by next Monday at
9:00 am for dress rehearsal.

How desparate am I? I have the following to

10 maids costumes, with hats and aprons
1 cooks costume, with hat and apron
1 housekeeper dress
10 orphan dressy costumes
2 dresses for Annie
Hannigan's dress, plus hat
Hannigans kimino
finish Lily's dress, plus hat
3 dresses for Boylan sisters, plus hats
1 gown for Grace

In all 31 costumes and six hats.

I have now lost FIVE MOMS, who were to help me
with all but five of the costumes. Many had the
material and didn't drop it off until they
announced they couldn't help - all of which has
been in the last 10 days.

If you are able to offer ANY time to help, I
would really appreciate it or my ass is grass.

I will be starting on Thursday and going until
Sunday night. I am offering food, snacks and
drinks, as well as overnight accommodations.

I know that Lisa and Toni have offered help;
Laura Webb is coming up to help Friday and
Saturday. Toni's son will be brought up to help
cut patterns out. Nikki is coming on Sunday and
Audrey will be up sometime this week.

If any of the rest of you can take the time out
of your schedules to help, I'd sure appreciate

Next year, hit me if you hear me say "Oh I'm
sewing costumes!".