View Full Version : Throwing My Snood In (The Special Edition)

04-12-2004, 11:47 PM
All-righty here we goÖ

I Rachel Wyman being of not sound mind & body do hereby accept the nomination to run for Madame of the IWG Local #42.

Iíve been attending fairs for over a decade now, which makes me a Madame Cum Loud Ė um Ė Laude. Iím Wench number #609, or 6ooooooo9 as I like to say. A number I specifically requested in honor of my birth year (ď69 Dude!Ē & ďGo Year of the Cock!Ē) & one of the costumes Iíve competed. Iíve been active with the IWG since even before I joined, all the way back to the first AFR Invasion of MDRF. Iím a founding member of our Local #42. (You can blame me for shouting out ďWe are the answer!í at that first meeting.) Ever since that first year Iíve been the co-song leader & last year took over the Target Coordinator position. In real life Iím a government peon by weekday, but a professional puppeteer & performer by weekend.

One thing I wish to get clear is my view of what the IWG isÖ itís a social group. Weíre not a fund-raising, good works, non Ė or not- for profit group. We donít pay dues. We donít handle funds on the local level, whether it be administrative costs (Certificates, domain & server charges, etc) or monies raised for charities. And in an effort to protect ourselves, the IWG as a whole & Lars I donít think we should. Now if one person (Wench, Rogue, Merc, Privateer, etc.) wishes to do something for a cause and wishes to use the guilds as a source of help, that is perfectly okay. Thatís what we are, a line of communication between folks on a social level. And I apply this theory to any type of gathering whether it is fund raising, educational, or just plain having a fun time.

The IWG site states that the Local Madame is the ďvoice of reason on the ground level.Ē I take that to mean that the position is more like a Judge in the state court system than a Governor. I do not wish to rule, just administer.

Iím not a fancy speech writer. Iíve never BSíed well. I donít have grand & glorious plans for the Local. Weíve had communication problems in the past, but what group doesnít. I donít see a need for major changes because of them. Iíve always tried to be a neutral party, trying to hear all sides of a story & then offering help where I could. This is what I will continue to do for our localÖ no matter what.

Iím here for the funÖ arenít we all?

Thanks for your support.