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Original Cin
04-29-2004, 08:34 PM
Hi Ladies!

Rach had some very interesting things to say regarding her stance on
our local in general, the IWG, and Team Wench.

I would like to respond to some things she has mentioned.

Local 42 and the International Wenches Guild are social organizations
formed by Lars Lunde with his private enterprise, Lundegaard
Productions, as are the Mercs Guild, International Brotherhood of
Rogues, etc, the Himbos, Vampires, Pirates, etc. The price of
admission grants you a pin, a guild booklet (if it exists), a card
bearing your "guild" name or whatever, and for wenches, a song book
and kiss cards. The International Wenches Guild is the oldest of the
Lunde enterprises, formed by women from the New York Renaissance
Festival at Tuxedo New York and others. At least that's what it
started as.

Quoting Patty Falzarano, co-founder of the IWG and Grand Madame
Emeritis, this is an "international sisterhood" that grew from
an "idea". The fact that there is a handbook produced, giving rules
and advice for wench walks, walk security, elections, position
titles, starting a guild, etc., makes it just a little more than the
social organization that Rach has presented. The position of madame
is more than a title - it is meant to be held by a person who takes
the title of "wench" seriously! (NOT that I'm implying that Rach
doesn't - and I'm serious about this!)

The local madame is responsible for any and all actions of any and
all wenches in her local. Their behavior, actions, words,
everything. Some of you may remember the brouhaha over the comments
one wench made to Mary Anne Jung (Queen Anne Boleyn) two faire
seasons ago about her wig. It caused a huge upset among the cast
because it was allegedly made by one of our local members. An
apology was made to Mary Anne. The madame was involved. It could
have caused problems for the local at faire. Our wench walks must be
done according to faire policies, something that the madame must make
sure occurs, or we cannot perform wench walks. And if a wench does
something lawfully illegal, they cannot be a member of the guild!
This is more than a social organization.

Quoting Vice Madame Bethany Coslar, a wench is "any woman that deals
with her life and her responsibilities with attitude, honesty and
humor. Wenches are women with attitude that don't make excuses; they
just make do." We have some fabulous women in our guild who are
doing just that, as well as women who are on their way to being a
wench. Those who are wenches know to let that attitude shine
through. It's why many of us are here! That means we can just hang
out, go on walks or not, have fun (or not - though I wonder why be
there if you aren't having fun), flirt, not flirt, whatever.

TeamWench is composed of such women, women who use attitude and
honesty to attempt to make our world a better place by raising money
for women's causes while having fun! These causes are medical in
origin, not political nor religious. They do not go through Lars
because the team, nor the guild, are making money off of their
ventures. Lars has been informationally involved throughout the
whole process, because the IWG name is owned by him. ANYTHING done
in the name of TeamWench is done with this in mind and Lars

TeamWench is not a clique. Never has been, never will be. I am
surprised to hear the word used in conjunction with TeamWench, in
that they have tried to include whosoever has wished to join the
team. There are some who have shied away from the group after one of
the massive discussions held over a topic. At times the discussions
have been pretty heated - they are definitely not for the timid of
heart or speech. Still, all wenches are more than invited to join in
and participate with the team.

As far as forming a "board", yes there is a treasurer, a chairperson
and a secretary. Why? Because you need some form of organization to
run the group. Is this in secret? No, but you need to be a member
if you want to hold a position. Why? Well, why be in charge of
something you have no clue about!

Paying taxes? No. Have an account? Yes, to send checks to charity
and to reimburse members who have used out of pocket money for
expenses (that stew didn't appear magically, y'know). Does the
current madame know about this? Yes and so does the current vice
madame who is the current chair of TeamWench. Nothing has been done
without the LM or VM knowing about it. Therefore, TeamWench is more
than invited to stay as a subsidiary of Local 42, and any wench can
join. As far as non-pinned wenches, yes, "danes" have joined
TeamWench for walks, etc. However, distribution of monies to danes
who help out has not been forthcoming, and has been a subject of
discussion. Danes who have joined up for events have eventually
become wenches, because they like the wenches they have met so much.

TeamWench is just a part of what makes our local special. It shows
that a few women can make a difference in the world. It allows women
to use their skills and attitude to help out where help is needed.
It gives women an outlet for their passionate, giving side. And
TeamWench will stay as part of this local if I am madame, not just
because I am an active member, but because I see it as part of being
a wench. And, other IWG locals are considering forming their
own "TeamWench". The national has a fund-raising committee now.

As has been said before, if you want to join a wench walk, you can or
you can sit. If you want to flirt or lurk, it's your choice. If you
want to join TeamWench, you can or you can enjoy the Pirate Feast,
the MS Fantasy Ball or purchase goods at Prepare for Faire. If you
don't, that's cool too! If you like hanging out with your
girlfriends and shopping, excellent! There is room for EVERYONE
(yes, including male wenches!) in Local#42. Why?


And if you agree with what I have just posted, please vote for me,
Original Cin, as your next Local Madame! Also consider voting for
Katherine Conlon as Vice Madame, as she too shares my views. (I
can't speak for Jamie aka Flame, but she is also a TeamWench "charter
member" and Captain of the Breast Cancer TeamWench group).

Original Cin