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05-27-2004, 10:29 PM
Lieutenant Madame Nomination Platform – Local 74

I, Brandy Franklin, aka Whiskey Fyre O’Brien, IWG #2100, Madame Cum Laude, do accept the nomination to run for Local 74 Lieutenant Madame.

A little bit about me…
I have been attending faire for 12 years now, all at Georgia. I worked for various booths on and off for five years. I have been a member of the IWG for 2 years. I am 23 years old, soon to be 24 in July. I have also attended faires in both Maryland and North Carolina. I am hoping to travel to more faires in the upcoming years. In real life, I work as an insurance biller for Piedmont Hospital and I make beaded jewelry on the side. I am currently looking into taking more classes for jewelry making and metalsmithing. In order to eventually have my own shop in real life as well as a booth at faire. I am known as the blunt/brutally honest person amongst my friends. I tell it like it is (getting better and better at tact everyday). I am a fun-going person, but also am fully aware of any and all rules that apply to me and try to respect them (okay lets face it, some rules are made to be broken).

What would I like to see happen in the next two years? As a brand new Local, I feel that first of all we need to find out who all the Georgia wenches are and who has moved away. In doing that, we can hopefully set up meetings in which all of us could meet each other and have a face to go with a name instead of just on paper or the computer screen. It continually amazes me to know that I have been attending the Georgia faire as long as I have and there are still people I don’t know, or that I have seen and had no clue they were a wench or any other guild member (goes to show just how big a world faire can be).

The next two years will mostly be about getting established, meeting one another, and making decisions about what we all wish to do or accomplish in the local. In general terms, getting organized! But most of all, we need to have fun doing it. That is why most of started going to faire and joined the International Wenches Guild. It’s because we have fun and want to meet other people with like minds. Let’s face it, in your normal workplace how many people would you invite to faire (all those who currently work at faire excluded)? In mine…not many. I think that is why when I found out about the International Wenches Guild I was so excited. Here are a bunch of other women like me, who can and do think and speak for themselves and are very proud of it. How many of you would like to see more of your faire friends outside faire? To me, that is part of what a local is all about, putting us in contact with one another. This is why it is so important to get ourselves organized. Together as a group, we can accomplish so much. For one, establishing ourselves at faire, which is going to take some time and effort, but I believe it can be done. I, personally, want to help in this endeavor. Be a part of it. Say that I was there and that I worked hard for it. But, keeping in mind to have loads of fun! I do not and refuse to view this as work or as a job. Due to the fact, that it is something important to me and that I willingly accepted the nominations (more like I was jumping up and down and screaming “Pick Me! Pick Me!”).

So, in saying all that (Warning! I am much better at making sense in person than I am on paper), in the end I just want all of us to be able to come together as a group and have fun! (No, I swear I am not this perky all the time.)

Please vote for me for Lieutenant Madame in the upcoming election!

Thank You!!!!

Brandy Franklin