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05-28-2004, 12:48 AM
I, _________ IWG #2017, Madame cum Laude, aka Psyche delle Stelle, accept the nomination to run for Madame of Local 74 by Tonya Klapmuts (Mistress Raven), IWG#1471 - MCL, and seconded by Brandy Franklin (Whiskey Fyre O'Brien), IWG#2100 - MCL.

About Me:
I am 34 years old and married to my favorite Rogue and Privateer, Kevin. I have run my own businesses, managed others, worked in the hospitality industry, politics, entertainment industry and the mental health field, many of these jobs at the same time. While in the Navy, my senior enlisted and officers would always place me in a position of authority, whether I wanted the responsibility or not. I was medically retired from the Navy due to injuries sustained and am now a 100% disabled veteran. Though technically disabled, I do my best not to let my disabilities rule my life. I am still active and productive in every way possible. I am stubborn and determined, and I am proud of being a survivor. My short term personal plans are to better myself physically so I can attend university and get my Masters of Fine Arts in Jewelry Making and Metalworking from the University of Georgia, Athens.

My Faire and Guild History:
I have been attending Faires since I was a wee sprite in diapers. My mother was a Rennie from California and I inherited the love of faire. While Georgia Renaissance faire is now my home faire, I have attended faires large and small in Washington state, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Utah, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Colorado. This year I hope to be adding Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and New York to the list. I am a very active member of the International Wenches Guild and strive to meet and welcome fellow guild members wherever I go. I am thrilled that Local 74 is official now, and I have great faith that our membership will increase in number, and become a family. Just like every family, we will have our ups and down, but we will get through whatever is thrown at us. The support and love I have experienced since becoming a member of the IWG is simply amazing and the friendships I have made I treasure. As well as the IWG, I am also a member of the RenMerc and Privateer Guilds as well as a number of other Renaissance faire related groups.

My Statement of Purpose (Platform):
When I think of what a Local Madame should be, I envision someone who is a leader, impartial, not quick to judge, who strives to be honest and fair. Someone who is not afraid to ask the hard questions, and can take feedback and criticism without taking it personally or being offended. I believe it is the Local Madame's responsibility to ensure that the members have a well run organization and to find the best way to take care of challenges and problems that may arise in a way that is best for the Local and for the good of the membership. The Local Madame is a role model and is Local 74's representative and should be held to the highest standards.

Set up a current and accurate database. Our current database is inaccurate. Some members have moved out of and others have moved into Georgia. We need an accurate database for communication purposes as well as membership and Local business purposes. There are so many Georgia wenches who have no clue what is going on with Local 74, and I would like them all to have a chance to participate if they chose to.

Be available and accessible when needed. - I pledge to do my best to be onsite every day of Faire and to be available before, during and after Faire hours. If for some reason I am unavailable, I will coordinate with the Lieutenant Madame and/or Arbiter to be available in my stead. I want to be available to local and visiting wenches, as well as to interested and potential wenches to answer questions, discuss suggestions, help solve problems, and just get to know everyone better. I plan to post my schedule online so others can meet me and will be able to contact me during Faire hours. I will also be available for meetings, get-togethers, chatting online, and email outside of Faire.

More of a presence at faire. - Alongside Lars and Dranaan, the IWG PR Director, I will work with Faire Management to promote the Guild so that the Georgia Renaissance Festival becomes more Guild friendly. I plan to establish a Local Code of Conduct to keep all activities in accordance of the guidelines that Faire Management sets down. I would like for the Guilds to be an accepted presence at GARF, a presence they enjoy and look forward to having. We can be on our best behavior and still have loads of fun!

Promote the Guild and Local 74. - This past season there has been a lot of interest from potential Wenches about the Guild. As everyone has a different view of what the IWG is, I will use The Little Brown Book: The Official Guide to The International Wenches Guild and work with Dranaan (the IWG PR Director) to create a business-size card and/or pamphlet handout with general information about the IWG and contact information for the IWG and Local 74.

New Wench Orientation. - This would introduce new wenches to the Guild, Local 74, it's members, it's policies and procedures. I feel this is very important as so many new wenches have no clue what is acceptable and what is not or know who to go to if they have questions, comments, concerns or problems.

Help the Local be active outside of Faire. - I would like for us to have outside social situations such as sewing circles (Stitch and Bitch), craft circles, barbeques, holiday gatherings, trips to other Faires, shopping trips, dinners etc. I would like for us to have, in the least, monthly gatherings. Local 74 can be a wonderful social and support group long after Faire is over for the season.

Local colors. - I would like to see us vote on colors for Local 74, to distinguish us from other Locals. Many other Locals have them and it is a fun way to discern which Local others are from.

Design and Build a Website. - I plan on building a website for Local 74, as a way of promoting the Local and the Guild. It will have the Local Code of Conduct as well as other official Local and Guild information, a schedule of events, and whatever else we chose to have on it. There will also have a forum on this website, so we can more easily keep track of conversations, event planning and important information, without having to deal with advertisements, the delays and the instability with the Yahoo! egroups.

Merriment - I vow to plot as much merriment, mayhem and wicked good fun as is humanly possible on any given Faire day, as well as any non-Faire event that we plan. If elected, never will it be said that I am a boring Madame. In other word, most importantly, we, Local 74, shall have fun!

Thank you for your time and consideration

aka Psyche delle Stelle
IWG # 2370
Madame Cum Laude