View Full Version : LOCAL 13 - Charity Garage Sale - Beneficiary Suggestions

07-06-2004, 05:27 PM
Nevada has generously offered to host our Charity Garage Sale this fall (details to be forthcoming) but I wanted to get a feel for what charity (i.e. ONE) we would like to donate the proceeds from the sale to.

We had initially thought that MD Anderson Cancer Center would be a good choice as there were a number of wenches that had family that had been treated there and really wanted to give something back. This is, of course, an option; but we wanted to see if there were any other charities that we would like to consider.

Please email or PM me with your suggestions no later than July 31st so we can vote on the top 3.

(I will cross-post this to the Local 13 board as well as the Yahoo groups)