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07-14-2004, 01:11 PM
I absolutely LOVED this book.
Of course, I love just about anything Neil Gaiman touches.
I was crazy about mythology when I was little, so I got a lot of the little inside jokes concerning beliefs from the countries the gods originally came from .
Plus, and this is creepy, but when they're traveling cross country they took the exact same route I did when leaving my ex husband in Seattle and coming to PA. I stopped at all the places they mention in the book (except for the house with the World Tree in Virginia, but I bet I could find it!) It was just wierd realizing that the display they were talking about in The House on the Rock was one I'd walked past not 6 months ago.
And the final battle that's at Ruby Falls..I visited that when I was 6. Creepy, creepy, made my skin crawl...
I adore that book. I felt like I was consuming it, not reading it. I would highly recommend it to anybody who likes slightly off-beat literature.

07-14-2004, 01:15 PM
I'll second the positive review for this one. It was one of the few that my reading group all agreed upon. Neil gets you sucked into this one right away and takes you for a real adventure.

07-14-2004, 03:45 PM
Yay!! Other people who loved American Gods. I couldn't put it down. I hated to go to work, as it detracted from my reading time!!

I haven't read much of his other stuff (Yes, I know it's required reading for "Perki-Goths" to read the Sandman series... I've been busy) but look forward to doing so, as soon as I get those pesky library fines paid!

07-14-2004, 05:05 PM
Another Neil Gaimam fan here. His imagery is wonderful - always makes me feel like I'm right there in the story. I've heard rumors he's popped up at Minnesota and Bristol faires, but never when I'm there. lol

07-16-2004, 06:33 PM
I was first introduced to The Sandman series in college. Pick it up when you have a chance. It's not just for "Perky Goths", it's a great read for anyone interested in almost anything about life. Neil writes with such great style and I love most of the inkers and artists that drew for the Sandman series. I followed the Sandman series (and all the other collections) to the finish and was sad to see it end.

For cat lovers, there's a wonderful issue (Dream of a Thousand Cats) about one cat wandering the world telling other cats to dream about a time when the cats rule the humans (think size switch), because if 1,000 cats have the same dream at the same time, it will come true. You can see the Sandman in his cat form!

His books of short stories and poems are just as addictive, plus if you want to know just how sexy Neil's Brit accent is, try to find his 2-disc CD where he reads his writings!

Neil also wrote the Books of Magic miniseries and series (you can sometimes find them on e-bay, and the graphic novels are still available). A couple of writers picked up where he left off and wrote a series of books with Tim Hunter and the Books of Magic. Tim has an incredible likeness to Harry Potter, but rather than school, he has some (strange) tutors or learns on his own. He even has a pet owl, although it used to be his yo-yo (you'll have to read the story).

For hard rockers, there was a three (or four [I have it somewhere]) miniseries that you could get an accompanying tape or CD that went with it performed by Alice Cooper. And it's great! And I'm not usually an Alice Cooper fan. :wink:

He's also done some kindof creepy kids books. The first is a collection of poems called "Now We Are Sick" and the most recent one I found is "The Wolves In The Walls". You know trouble is coming when the wolves come out of the walls (they live back there, ya know).

I've met Neil a few times at signings and conventions, even had dinner with him and Harlan Ellison, and he is wonderful to talk to. [I even had to promise a friend doing security at that convention that I wouldn't try to stalk or molest Neil! Not that I would, but it was a thought.]

If anyone ever wants to talk about Neil, let me know! I will definately be looking for him here at Bristol! I wonder if he wears his black leather bomber jacket to that too?