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09-27-2004, 09:35 AM
A little synopsis of the Queen’s rogueing from Saturday:

We rogued Her Majesty at Trial & Punishment, over which she presides, in front of a crowd of 200 or so patrons. Sir Francis Drake announced in the beginning that there was a travesty of justice, that a maiden-fair was unjustly keeping her most desirous virgin wiles selfishly locked away, and that she was consorting with… Spaniards!!!

The Queen, (and Anne out of Character) was taken aback (Mostly cause this was not the beginning of the show she’s used to) And was MORE surprised when Drake named Her Majesty as the culprit who these heinous charges were being levied. He then announced that the Rogues Guild was here to… Pay their respects.

In the knowledge of pace and time, only 3 rogues were allowed. Gardo, Second to NYRF Liaison was first. At the bottom of the dais he announced his name and addressed the queen as well as the crowd. He spoke such words of devotion and affection that brought a flush to Her Majesty’s neck and face and a roar from the crowd.

Next was Stealth, former Wolf and NYRF Liaison. Stealth recited a poem composed in period rote and out of character meaning that brought a tight lipped smile from the already blushing virgin queen.

Finally I approached the dais, I first bowed to Her Majesty, then turned to address the crowd. I stated that I was Dmitri Vladescu, Wolf of the rogues Guild, and that I could not expound upon that which my colleagues had most eloquently spoken before me. Then I drew my sword, to which the Sheriff’s hand leaped to his own blade but stopped with a wave of Her Majesty’s hand. I knelt and laid my naked blade at Her Majesty’s feet and pledged my blade, my life and those of my guild to her service, should she ever require it.

I then rose, turned to the crowd and thrust my blade to the sky and Gardo lead three rousing cheers of “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!” I turned to her Majesty and smiled, there were tears in her eyes. I bowed and descended the dais as the other the rogues presented their roses.

Then as rogues do, we bid a hasty retreat to the shadows, waiting should our Queen require us.


Afterwards, Stealth received a rose from Anne. And when I got back to my booth later in the day, Her Majesty was waiting for me. Anne was so touched by the rogueing that we had gotten her to cry. She hugged me and both of us pledged that next year, we would work to get the guilds and the actors to interact more… LOTS more. GREAT WORK GUYS TO EVERYBODY THAT PARTICIPATED, guild members, actors and even patrons... We REALLY made Anne's day...


09-27-2004, 10:04 AM
As one of the 200 or so patrons witnessing the Queen's rogueing, I would have to say, job well done gentlemen. My compliments to all the rogues of the shire. Here's to hopefully a better relation with the Queen and the rogues at next's years Faire.