View Full Version : Thank you ladies!

10-04-2004, 07:12 AM
Again, I have to say Local 9 is a wonderful group of women! I enjoyed seeing and meeting some of you yesterday (though I don't remember many names :) ).

Thank you to each of you for saying and for chatting!

And I have pictures to post regarding the roguing, will do that today.

10-04-2004, 12:16 PM
Aw, baby, you jus' too cool. I wish I could get to see you again in Maryland. Gah. You look smashing in pink, by the way. Hugs to you and Gwennance, too!

And I wanna see the pictures!

10-04-2004, 12:20 PM
Thanks hun (it was purple :P) I added you in LJ land too btw :)

10-04-2004, 12:50 PM
See, now, I put it more on the dusty rose end of the spectrum.

It was yummy either way, though.