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10-11-2004, 11:31 PM
Since we do not have a folder in the Locals section we are placing this here in hopes that you will all see it.

Some of our newest wenches have not signed up for our yahoo group and we're not sure if we are reaching everyone.

For anyone who wishes to be a part of Local 77 KY and TN, PLEASE respond to this post either by PM or posting.

We are ready to hold our elections. Allie and I are trying to corrall everyone so we may get this done. We will probably post nominations on the yahoo group so we need to find everyone and make sure they're on board if they want to be nominated or vote.

We need this info ASAP.

Here is an excerpt from one of our yahoo posts concerning the elections and an e-mail from Lars.

1.) Are you an IWG member who has been a MEMBER (not faire
participation of # years) for at least 5 years? Are you interested
in running for Madame of this Local? These people will get first
consideration for running for office. Please let us know if you
meet this criteria and are interested, and you will have first
priority of being considered for nomination. As Lars stated, if no
one with 5+ years IWG Membership is interested, he will interview
interested parties via the phone who have fewer years of membership
if they are interested. Again, IWG members with 5+ years of
membership will be given priority.

2.) Please let us know here if you have an "allegiance" with Local
77 (Kentucky/Tennessee faires and-or states) and will be voting.
You will e-mail this information to Lars at [email protected] as
well, but PLEASE let it be known here as well so that we have a
known tally of voting members.

THanks so much!


In Hiding
10-12-2004, 11:27 AM
I'll be voting :)

Katerinka Kotenoka
10-12-2004, 03:31 PM
I'm with 77!