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01-05-2005, 08:11 PM
So all I am going to be speaking at LunaCon, in a sub con called GrissenCon, now why am I telling you this, because of the info below:

Ways of the Wyrd: Magic, Myths and the Unseen

Panel Description: Is magic real? What is it? Can I learn it from a book? Panellists will talk about their experiences and discoveries with magic and other occult practices, and may let a few secrets out of the bag.
Moderator: Kevin DiVico
Guests: DeAnn Ceresko (aka Tink)

That is my topic, what I would love from you all are your thoughts on it. So let me have it people, I'd love to use your thoughts and ideas if you all don't mind.

01-07-2005, 02:15 PM
For me personal magick is real..had too many close calls and saves for it not to be...but I truly believe unless you feel it inside you will never experience it...whenever I come upon magick either place or occurence I literally feel something...like my insides have taken a slight step to the left and the rest of me takes a second to catch up....but thats my personal take...it is probably different for everyone...

Mistress Kath the Innkeep
01-07-2005, 03:11 PM
What's LunaCon?


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01-07-2005, 04:33 PM
I have odd thoughts on this topic, but I will share them anyway:

Magic is the ability to chanel your thoughts, beliefs and energies into accomplishing a goal..

Basically, it is setting a plan, sticking to it, and seeing the end results.
It isn't just using the tools, asking for guidance, and boom the desired result occurs. It takes work.

Can you learn it from a book? Sure, anyone can read and use something, but it takes the special people that inspire others to follow suit that are the magical ones. They are the ones that practice what they read, and try their darnedest to practice what they preach.

As for magical places, there are some places on this earth that just cause physiological reactions that I just can't explain. So, sure call it magic.. I call it impressions.

01-07-2005, 07:47 PM
::rolls up her sleeves:: oh boy! :singdanc:

For me. Magick is real, spells are real, what is misunderstood is the intention and circumstance surrounding it. I compare it this way:

Christian Prayer: Prayer 101
Wiccan (and other such) Spells: Prayer 103

Now before I'm stoned by passersby, let me state that the difference in numbers is NOT due to one being better or more effective. Not at all. Its the level of involvement/detachment.

This is my theory as an ex-catholic/christian

When Christians (and some other religions) pray, it is in some ways detached. The thought is that youas a lowly sinner 'put in your request' -- for lack of a better word -- with that Divine being above. If you are deemed worthy, someone above will grant the request, often by some miracle. Let's just keep this in mind at this very basic form for the moment.

With spells, most believe that the Divine is within as well as without -- that we are all connected and can move this energy to needs (within limits). We do not put in our request, we concentrate (by use of symbolism and action, i.e. the steps of the spell) our intent and self divinity to the task at hand. We don't leave it to the universe to decide if we are worth and THEN move the mountains. We move the energy in its best conditions with the knowledge that we will receive an answer.

Sometimes its not the answer we wanted. Sometimes, its not the answer we were looking for. Sometimes we miss it alltogether just for that reason. Sometimes it wasn't meant to be. Sometimes we just ask for the impossible to happen.

Within these two lies the difference. But what we should understand is that within these descriptions lies the question. Is a spell better than a prayer? No. I don't believe so. A person with faith and discipline and PRACTICE can be just as effective as a spell-weaver who is diligent and spiritual and who PRACTICES.

Neither prayer nor spellwork is a formula. Unlike the movies, you don't just read the ancient scroll and Poof! Pow! the treasure chest is open. Christians who use the rosary, or holy water or statues or crucifixes...these are all tools/symbols used to enhance the prayer. It is the same basic concept with a spell.

I'm going to stop here. Its difficult to put into words without writing an entire book on it.

If you have further questions, or just want to laugh in my direction. post or PM me :)