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03-31-2005, 12:53 PM
For those of you who are interested. I went here and found a site for my state where I was able to download a standard legal form for living will advance directives. It's not the same for all states, but for mine all I have to do is fill it out and have it notarized...luckily I sit next to a notary! :) Hope you all will do this too!



Buxom Wench
03-31-2005, 03:26 PM
Thanks for the link. All the ones I found wanted me to BUY it and I know they are supposed to be free.

I have printed out 7, one for every member in my household, including our new future daughter-in-law.

I hope everyone goes to this site and makes life (& death) a little easier on everyone.

03-31-2005, 04:19 PM
Thanks Lucy....we've been meaning to get around tot his for awhile.
Now maybe we'll actually DO it!

03-31-2005, 04:43 PM
Great! I was hoping it might thwart some of us into the direction of getting it done...especially with all the issues here lately. My man and I have talked about it a lot...we'll have to get one done now and one done after we get married ( :roll: someday...)

Either way I think everyone should have one now. Sorry if some of you are running into pay sites....but honestly, wouldn't your peace be worth it? :)


Buxom Wench
03-31-2005, 07:46 PM
I have sent the link to all the people in my email address book. Already I have gotten only positive and thankful responses. Once again, thank you Lucy for the link.
I even sent it to my husband's boss and he was very grateful.

People, it only takes a minute to download and print. Definitely peace of mind.

NOTE: in NY, you need to have a Health Care Proxy WITH the Living Will. Here is the link for that form: http://www.oag.state.ny.us/health/proxy_form.pdf

Lucia Francesca
03-31-2005, 08:22 PM
Well that's nice. Apparently Nebraska doesn't exist. :roll:

03-31-2005, 08:39 PM
sorry sweets, you may have to look more into it...

Miracle Wench
04-01-2005, 11:41 AM