View Full Version : Awesome Series - Highly Recommended!

01-07-2003, 02:01 PM
:meow: I read earlier this year about the Lymond Chronicles on this board, and, needing something to read and wanting something that was recommended, I purchased the entire set. This was definitely an excellent investment and a very good read! Hope you enjoy them!

Author: Dorothy Dunnett
1: "The Game of Kings"
2: "Queens' Play"
3: "The Disorderly Knights"
4: "Pawn in Frnakincense" (reading this one now)
5: "The Ringed Castle"
6: "Checkmate"

It takes a bit to get into at first, but definitely worth it, in my opinion. Lots and lots of history just after Henry VIII has died - and travels all over the European/African/Turkey world - very exciting. Not a romance, per se, like Outlander - just very good reading! {hugs} c