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Absinthe d'Accalia
04-20-2005, 11:27 AM
Our petsitter, Eindy, has the biggest heart. She sent this to me, and I thought I'd post it on our local, in case anyone can help - money, prayers, etc. - for Lady.

Thank you for reading this.

Hi everyone....first, let me say that I give my
permission for you to send this e-mail to anyone
and everyone you know. As a matter of fact, I beg
you to send it far and wide!!

I have never done this before and I will not promiseI will not ever do it again. Please share this with everyone and if you can help at all please do. Her human thought nothing was wrong with this girl. She was chained in the yard for 5 years and unlimited
food was all she received. She ate coz there was nothing else to do. She can walk maybe 6 steps. Her diet food and Vet bills are tremendous.. We can't do this without help --any help from anywhere will help us try to save this loving girl. She talks to anyone that pays her any attention, even that wears her out. Her story is below. The humane society accepts paypal www.claytoncountyhumane.org or checks and prayers if you pray, will also be appreciated. Thank you for reading this. Please share it. If you are offended- forgive me-we need help.



From our assistant director:
Clayton Co. Humane has just taken a dog from her "owner" and she is going to be a long-term project for us. This dog was adopted as a puppy, and taken home and apparently, thrown in the backyard, chained where she has remained for 5 years. Before coming to CCHS, the last time this poor dog was taken to a vet, for ANYTHING, was in 2002 for MAGGOT REMOVAL. She is a Samoyed, and her name is "Lady". Lady came to us so
terribly matted that she had to be shaved to the skin.....she did not look like a dog, she looked more like a really fat sheep. Ideal weight for a female Samoyed, of her age, would be 45 lbs. Lady's first weigh-in showed a weight of nearly 120 lbs. She is
almost 3 times her normal body weight. Due to the fact that she also has a deformed foot (which was never addressed by her "owners") and such an enormous body weight, Lady was basically unable to walk when we got her. Naturally, we immediately took her to the vets for evaluation. Full medical evaluation can't be completed at this
point, because of her weight. Our vet was unable to detect a good heartbeat because of the layers of fat she is carrying. We were told that getting the weight under control, SAFELY, would take a minimum of a year. She is on a long-term diet of very
expensive weight control food. Once we see some progress in the weight department, she is going to need some physical therapy, and hopefully, we can do something for her
deformed foot. We are looking at having Lady for a very long time, and we will have to cover all of her medical needs during that time. Bottom line, Clayton Co. Humane isn't a rich organization and this kind of commitment is going to stress our funds greatly. If
anyone out there can assist us in giving Lady a new chance at a good life, our address is: Clayton County Humane Society, 7810 North McDonough St. , Jonesboro, Ga. 30236.
(Please write on check or include a note saying "Lady's Fund".) All donations are tax deductible and include an address and you will receive a receipt.

Thanks for anything you can do
Robin Rawls, Asst. Dir.
Clayton County Humane Society
[email protected]