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Mistress Morigianna
04-28-2005, 10:33 PM
from the harry potter thread:

I had a thought while talking to my himbo in the car about this (left brain right brain no brain- love driving) and was thinking about the stistics on how wicca/paganism (gee lump everything together why don't you) is so "up & coming" as a "new" religion to the point it will "take over" in the next 10 years.....

I am 36. On;y in the last 10 years have i ever seen new age, wicca, pagan or anything close on paperwork as a choice for religion. before was just "other". Even my last visit to planned parenthood had alternative religion as a choice.

how many peole are just comingout of the broom closet? With the internet you can see you are not the only one around. You can find chatrooms and group meetings. Book stores carry more books, no more special order in a paper bag. New age stores aren't little dark hole in the walls and you won't be yelled at for entering (most places). Some are even in Malls!

The stigma or being the "weird chick" (thank you daria!) doesn't apply so much at least in California.

so maybe it isn't up an coming and growing it just is beening heard. And counted.


04-29-2005, 03:05 AM
I for one am greateful for it, though I've not yet seen alternative religions listed on any official paperwork. It leads to good and bad. More idiots, but more acceptance, as well.