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05-12-2003, 02:55 PM
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Okay, here it is ... the "official" RPFS Invasion 2003 Post

As it has been stated before, this is a SELF-SERVE invasion. No one is going to hold your hand like you are a two-year old child and lead you around. Everyone is expected to be an adult and use the information provided as a guideline.

WHERE: Renaissance Pleasure Faire South at Glen Helen Park in Devore, CA. (If you need more information about this faire such as gate times, entertainment, etc. go to the website http://www.renfair.com/socal/index.php)

DATES: May 24 - 26, 2003

NOTE: The faire shares a parking lot with Blockbuster Pavilion. On Saturday May 24 the Brooks & Dunn Neon Circus tour is going to be at the Pavilion. Last year navigating the parking lot at the end of the day was HELL!!! It took me almost 2 hours to get out to the street. If at all possible CARPOOL! Plan accordingly ... use the privy BEFORE exiting faire, have some bottled water in the car, some CDs to listen to or a book to read (if you are the passenger), etc. The concert is advertised to begin at 3:00 and has several acts, so expect to have cowboys in the parking lot ALL DAY!

HOTEL OTTER: NobleOne was kind enough to secure our favorite hotel once again:

The Country Inn & Suites at Ontario Mills Mall (4370 Mills Circle Ontario CA 91764)
(909) 481-0703

The hotel has a complimentary breakfast every morning. This is a popular place to hook up with other rennies. Plan to get up a bit early and join us.

There is a hot tub and swimming pool at the hotel, so bring your bathing suits (it's a family joint).

MEET & GREET: Friday evening at around 5:00 pm we will have our standard get together at Dave & Buster's in the Ontario Mills Mall (909-987-1557). There will be no reservation, so please don't stand there bugging the hostesses. Just take yourselves into the game room and look for us by the in the middle. We usually try to grab a couple of tables and put us a sign. There may only be one or two people at the table depending on when you arrive ... the games have a strong pull on otters. When is it going to end? Who knows? Last year I think they were there until around midnight. I will be recruiting people to go see Bruce Almighty at the Ontario Mill Movie Theater around 8:00.

INVASION PINS: We are lucky to have the Gosh of Pewter on site. Kevin will be selling invasion pins at the Fellowship Foundry Demo booth (off to the left, towards the back). You can pick yours up any time you want. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep in mind that Kevin is trying to do business ... if there is a crowd, or if he is with a customer either wait patiently off to the side or move along and come back later.

SIGN IN SHEET: Our a.f.r. sign in sheet is also located at the Fellowship Foundry Demo booth.

WENCH WALK: There will be a wench walk Sunday morning at 11:30 am. If you are walking or guarding, please be at the Fellowship Foundry Demo Booth by 11:00. Further information on wenchly activities will be posted on the wall by the demo booth.

RECOMMENDED ACTS: Everyone has their own two cents on this subject. Since *I* the invasion person, I get to add my two cents first. If you are only going to see one show all day ... MooNiE!! And just FYI, the Joust SUCKETH!!

RENGEEK TESTING: The only rengeek tester on site that I am aware of is going to be Kevin, the Gosh of Pewter. Please see the invasion pins section for information on where to find Kevin.

MEETING LOCATIONS: There are no official meetings set up on site. All I can do is give you some guidelines on how to find otters. Three popular places are the Friends of Faire garden, the Fellowship Foundry Demo booth and Brass Rubbings. Sound & Fury shows are also a good place to find one or two or fifteen. Any ale stand LOOK FOR PINS ... a.f.r. pins, wench pins, rogue pins, a.g. pins, merc pins, rengeek pins. Otters were LOTS of pewter.

PHOTOS: At some time on Saturday and again at some time on Sunday there will be an a.f.r. group photo. I wish I could post more information on this but since I have not been to the site yet this year I don't know the show schedule. Last year we met at the joust field and that seemed to work out well. I will post more information about this after this weekend. It will most likely take place after the first joust on Saturday and in the afternoon on Sunday. Reminders will be placed on the wall at the Fellowship Foundry Demo booth. If you want a picture taken with your personal camera, be prepared to chip in a buck to buy an ale for the poor unsuspecting schmuck that I pick off the street to spend 20 minutes taking silly pictures of us. I think the guy last year had no less that 20 different cameras to figure out. OR bring a non-otter photographer for us

There will be a group shot of just the wenches prior to the walk on Sunday.

DINNERS: Again, there will be NO ORGANIZED DINNERS. Find some friends and invite them to join you. There is a whole bunch of restaurants between the faire site and the hotel. Since I don't live in the area I can't make many recommendations. There is a Benihana's right by the hotel that was wonderful last year. Perhaps someone more familiar with the area can make a few recommendations. I can give you some online resources:

http://dinesite.com/search/city-14084/csn-0/?&t=249250 Rancho Cucamonga, CA

http://dinesite.com/search/city-13826/csn-0/?&t=249250 San Bernardino, CA

http://dinesite.com/search/city-14018/csn-0/?&t=249250 Ontario, CA


I believe that just about covers everything. If anyone emails me asking for any information that can be found on this post they are going to receive a firm THWAP when I see them