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01-08-2003, 05:07 PM
I have a question. What was your best or most memorable......
1) Faire
2) B-Day
3) Date

For me
1) It was the first faire that I had ever went to that was the most memorable. It was in Rogersville, TN. I had never seen anyone in garb before or carrying live steel. I was amazed that there were people who actually were as interested as I in the Ren. and actually dressed in the fashions of that time period. I have never been the same since and love each and every minute. The best faire I have been to so far was Ohio Reniassance Faire last September. It was my first full faire with all the buildings being permenant and everything already completely set up. The other faires that I have been to were still in thier early stages, though I do hope to get to attend alot more this year.

2) Last year, I was taken out to see a drag show, and got drunk with some of my really good friends at my local community theatre, and the head director there and his partner. Most memorable, that was when my hair caught fire, I had to go the next day and get half of it cut off. It was funny though, I was blowing out my candles and my hair started fire, it took a minute or two for anyone to notice anything. Then my cousin poored cold water on me, drenching my clothes and the dinning room carpet. Everyone was hee hawing including me.

3) um.... my senior prom. though that wasn't really a date. I asked a guy friend of mine (that was a freshman) to go with me and had a blast watching him and dancing with him. The most memorable date, it was a first and last date with this guy. He asked me to marry him half way through dinner. Don't get me wrong, I want to get married but not after knowing a guy for only 30 minutes and then he starts planning our lives together before I have a chance to say no.

I just thought that this would be interesting.....

01-08-2003, 07:10 PM
OK - I'm glad you said most memorable OR best ... cuz in my case they're definitely NOT the same. LOL

Best faire day (all of 'em are pretty good) has to be the first time I visited Scarby and met my dear friends Wench Kae and Rogue Rae. It was fun to just play and not have the responsibilities I have as staff at KCRF and it was awesome to meet two such incredible friends.

Most memorable ... well, I have to say I remember individual pranks performers pull on one another more than the entire day and I have to say the time Chris Folk aka Wat the Jester aka Trendall the Kissing Beggar send Dean (King Henry) dill pickles all weekend. (Dean hates dill pickles.) At closing gate on Sunday he had one of the fairies stuff a big kosher dill in Dean's mouth just as we performers had to freeze for Puck's soliloquy. Being the consumate performer - Dean froze, pickle in his kisser, for the entire speech. Once the horn blew, he spit the derned thing across the cobblestones like a guided missle. Very few of the rest of us could keep a straight face - I myself had tears running down my face from laughing.

Best birthday was when I was 9-year-old and we'd gone to Atlanta over spring holidays to visit old army friends of my dad's. Don owned a number of radio stations and starred as Officer Don on the local Popeye Club TV show. It was the first time I was ever on television and I thought I was quite a celebrity. Not only did I get a cool goodie bag from the show, we all went out to dinner at a place called Aunt Fanny's where the wait staff brought me a cake and serenaded me.

Most memorable birthday was when I turned 21. Although the drinking age was 18 back then, I somehow decided to celebrate by consuming a magnum of TJ Swan wine in about an hour, discoing down, insulting a former boyfriend in front of a bar full of people, riding down the streets of Eau Claire, WI yelling obscenities out the window after midnight, and doing the horizontal mambo with some guy who played on the football team. I spent the next two days barfing my brains out.

I guess my best date was with a guy I'm still friends with. I had been going with another guy forever and was tired of being last on his priority list. He knew Mike (we were mutual friends) so he told me it was fine if we hung out together and checked out a new cigar bar in town. Funny thing was, he called me on my cell phone and talked to both of us while we were at the cigar bar. Mike told me Scott was jealous, but I didn't believe that for a minute because I wasn't really looking at it as a date. Turns out Mike was right on several counts. We had a great time and after some discussion figured out we were both attracted to one another and started dating. For about a month we had the best time - he treated me like a queen ... and the sex was incredible! Stupid me gave into Scott's promises he'd change and put me first. That lasted about a week.

Mike and I are still friends - Scott was history long ago. Mike just got engaged to his high school sweetheart 17 years after they ended their high school romance. She's a lucky woman.

Most memorable would have to be a really crappy date ... but I've been on too many of those, so none of them really stand out. I think I should just dub my dating life "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover."

da Baroness

01-08-2003, 08:20 PM
Gads......best faire day...no thought needed:

Last day of NY faire 1996. I joined the wenches guild, met Lars, Bethany, Dawn and Rocket, bought garb, and was picked (along with 5 other girls, including Dawn and Rocket) out of a group of 30+ girls to appear in the full page opening photo for the article Spin magazine did on it. The article was complete trash, but the pics were great!! Plus, I made some great friends who I love dearly. Can't beat that faire day. Just can't. :D

Best b-day...has to be the surprise party my good friend Jerry threw for me in college. I think it was for my 24th.....he got 30 people there, including my 2 best friends from high school and my brother and parents.
The minute I went into the room, I just started crying. I was so shocked. :shock:

Best date....was a first date I went on with a guy I met off, yes...the internet. I hadn't even seen his pic, just talked to him for 3 hours over the phone and hit it off so well. He lived one town over, so we agreed to meet at a local restaurant. When I got there he was soooo handsome, tall had a great smile AND a red rose for me....the other 11 were still in his car. :bananada: We chatted there for like an hour, then went to the batting cages...where we kissed in the parking lot and it was the BEST kiss. :smooches: Next we went bowling!!! It was like a triatholon date, lol....but soooo great. :!:

Honorable mention for b-day...indeed it may very well be a full-on tie, was this past b-day:

Me, my dear friend Mary, Dawn, Rocket, Kathy, Tart, Avhienda, John aka Pico De Gallo, Mairi, Harold aka Spector, Mark aka Roland, Anna, my brother, his wife all went to Caliente Cab Co in the village for dinner, then we went to the Jeckyl and Hyde Pub. I got silly drunk :snarf: and just had the BEST time. My best friend Janine showed up at the pub later with an old friend from high school, as well. Afterwards we wandered the village where further debauchery occurred. I shant go into detail, but it was hysterical....thank God for John and Mairi to drive my drunk ass home, so I didn't have to take the train. :aok:

01-08-2003, 09:27 PM
I remember that flying pickle. It was hilarious even not knowing that Dean hates the things. (Which I didn't until now.) Minstrosity was leading the closing music at gate that year, so we had a great view from the cobbles.

OK - best Faire day, and certainly most memorable: actually, there's a three-way tie here. First one - the Rogueing/Wenching of Tyma and myself that happened at MDRF 2001. (And even just being there. Yes, I like KC and Michigan a lot, but MD, as a Faire, tops the list, IMHO.) Second one - MDRF 2002, Lady Kytson (Paula Peterka), in recognition of my assistance in their researches into the Kytson household (and remembering that I wanted one of the Kytson Arms patches they had made up), presents me with one of the patches and names me an honorary household member. Henceforth, Minstrosity travels under the arms of Kytson for safe passage. Third one ties into...

Best b-day. I celebrated my 40th b-day at Bristol (technically my home Faire - it'd be nice if they'd book us again). I was very pleasantly surprised by the Guild Madame with a gift basket full of items suggested by fellow Wenches (and a few Rogues), and a card that was signed with the names of Wenches and Rogues from across the country wishing me a great 40th b-day. :bow: :hearts: to you all.

Best and/or most memorable date.....




Nothing spectacular, nothing stands out. My date life sucks rocks... :cry:

01-11-2003, 01:45 AM
1.) Best faire -- my sophomore (HS) English teacher took us to the Ohio RF... and got me HOOKED. ;) LOL!

2.) B-day: My 21st, at college, which my parents came up for. This also happened to be T-giving day, so a.) no drinking with my buddies and b.) sharing it with a holiday. It turned out to be okay... it was the first time I ever saw the ocean (Atlantic) and I fell in love with it. :)

3.) Date -- in eighth grade, when my boyfriend, who was called "Bucky" (no joke, yes, it was because of his teeth ;) took me to see the oh-so-romantic movie, The Rescuers Down Under. ;) LOL! He even did the whole "yawn/stretch/put arm around girl" thing." LOL! Yes, I've had more "mature" dates, but that was my first date... oh, the adrenaline. ;)