View Full Version : DragonMarsh needs faire help at Vegas Fair in Oct=$$

Mistress Morigianna
07-13-2009, 10:41 PM

DragonMarsh is looking for a new Marshie. Rose is VERY pregnant and will not be able to work the next few months events as she is due in a few weeks. The proud daddy to be also works for us so I think we might not have his full attention for events..... LOL

We will be at the Age of Chiverly Ren fair in Oct. and need workers. I know there are wenches that already live in Vegas so they might not even want to camp on site (or you could camp with us too).

If you have your own costume that is a plus but we can lend starting people.

event help includes- setting up & taking down (trust me we have this down to a science with the fastest lightest loads possible!), selling during the fair hours

we provide- basic food/meals, pay, entry to faire including camping in booth, discount on product etc. Plus you get to be a Marshie! You do get some time off during the day to play and after hours are mostly your own.

Even if you could only work part of the faire- it is a long one thursday -sunday we might use you and you would have a free entry to play another day.

Please Pm me or email me for more info

Mistress Morigianna
08-28-2009, 03:30 PM
still need help loading/unloading and very limited working hours (like an hour a day). Get into fair FREE! Plus some other incentives (store stuff, discounts, ect.)

email me or pm for details