View Full Version : It's Election Time for Local 96

09-02-2009, 10:43 AM
Greetings Ladies!

It is now time for Elections! Laura Parker and I are stepping down as your Local Vice Madam and Local Madam. It has been a pleasure working with you over the past 4+ years and I'm sure the ladies who will take our places will enjoy it as much as we have.

I am now taking nominations for the following positions. According to the new Electoral Process, here on the Wenches Board, I have copied/pasted the descriptions of the positions.

Local Madame - Locally elected representative and voice of reason on the ground level. Runs the local Charter House and elects/ can be elected to Privvy Council.

Lieutenant Madame - Local Madame's second in command (Local Vice Madame, essentially) Will run the roost when Local Madame is otherwise occupied.

These positions require that you be a pinned Wench with at least 7 years of faire under your belt.

Please email me off list at ladyprivy @WENCHES HATE SPAM gmail.com with your nomination by September 16, 2009 and start planning out your platform. Platforms are due October 1, 2009. If you have any questions...feel free to email me at the address above. I look forward to hearing from our new nominees!

Thank you,
Local 96 Madame